Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Brief

My Second outing on my Enhancement Underwear journey was with the Andrew Christian Shockjock Flirt Brief. This particular style is what inspired me to start thinking about the different styles of enhancing undies.   When I first saw Shockjock Flirt Brief I thought “This has gone too far!” Andrew Christian is one of my favorite brands, so put my initial thoughts aside and gave them a try.

The Shockjock brief, according to Andrew Christian, can add up to 2 inches ( 5cm ) to your frontal measurement. This enhancement is accomplished by means of an insert which they call the “Active Shaping Technology Cup.” This “cup” is inserted into the brief in a pouch. This cup is essentially a padding that is shaped to look like a man’s bulge.

As with virtually every pair of Andrew Christian I have worn, the Shockjock brief was extremely comfortable. It is made of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex so the stretch is apparent.

Here are my thoughts on the Shockjock Flirt Brief:

  • Fit –5/5-  The size provided to me was a small, and the fit was perfect for me. The stretch of the fabric will provide anyone with a great fit. Plenty of room up front, even with the cup insert put in.
  • Comfort –5/5-  Since the enhancement is provided by the cup and not by your own goods, you don’t have to put them in a cup or pouch or sling. It feels like you are wearing traditional undies with a tiny pillow up front.
  • Enhancement Factor – 5/5- Whether naturally big or small, the cup really will add 2 inches to your front. The male features on the cup attempt to make the bulge look natural, but to me it just looks like you are padded.
  • Deception Factor – 5/5- I gave the Shockjock Flirt Brief the highest Deception Factor because I have a few problems. If you are close enough to someone where they are going to see you in your underwear and be so close as to see male features on your bulge, then most likely that pair is coming off. I think it would be an embarrassing moment when they determine the package doesn’t match the wrapping.

Final Thought – My second wear of the pair I did without the cup insert in place. This is how I will wear this pair in the future–just another comfortable stylish Andrew Christian design that is better off without the cup gimmick.

These were furnished by Andrew Christian for review. You can find them on the Andrew Christian Site!


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