With the Supreme Court currently ruling on gay marriage, Andrew Christian sends a positive message of “Be Proud, Believe in Yourself” to the community with their latest video.

The video starts with Christoper Clark’s debut (AKA James Ryder) in his first Andrew Christian video as the sexy limo driver.  Who wouldn’t want a hot limo driver who loves to strip down to his sexy Andrew Christian underwear and bedazzle himself in the front seat of a Hummer?

On the island things get a little out of hand, which is to be expected any time you put this group together. Murray and Jon have a hot make out session, right before Murray gives Cory Lee a shot out of his mouth. Luke buries Johna in the sand and Vlad gives him a booty bump to the face. After more shenanigans you have to see to believe, the boys head back to the sail boat.main-1

The video then cuts to designer Andrew Christian getting dressed while his models Murray Swanby, Johnathan Myers, Jeffrey Hawkins and new-comer Caesar are waiting for him by “chillin” at his pool. Andrew announces it is time to go to Gay Pride by showering the guys with thousands of gay pride flags and streamers. Andrew calls Cory Lee, who is flying his gay pride colored kite, to join the rest of the models so they can all get ready for Pride. The models battle it out for the best swag and Cory gets ready “Rambo-style” like he is going to war, and no one can touch the precision and speed that Murray can apply glitter.

Andrew and the models travel to West Hollywood to join the Andrew Christian float and other models to spread the message of “Out and Proud” to all that watch. Topher DiMaggio makes a cameo in the video with an epic gogo dance scene that only someone as hung as Topher could perform.

The models end up back at Andrew’s place to crash and…of course….Murray leaves with the limo driver right after he delivers a final message of “Be Proud” that is written on the Hummer window.

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