D.Hedral is a brand we have covered many times on the blog. Including some really great pictures of former rugger Thom Evans. We got two great pairs to review, which are the Angel Fit and Seamless briefs. The first one I will be reviewing is the Seamless Brief. If you’re not familiar with D.Hedral they are a brand that is developed to enhance your backside.

I was really excited to try the D.Hedral after reporting on them for so long.  I wanted to see how well they accented my assets. The seamless brief, I don’t think has the same powers to show off my backside as the Angel Fit line. In the Angel fit you choose your waist and angle sizes. Where as, the seamless your only choice is size.. My past experiences with seamless underwear have not been too pleasant. Sometimes the waistbands won’t hold up and the pair looses shape during the day.  So I had hopes that I would not be let down.

I wish I had some exciting place to tell you I wore this pair and then put it through its paces. Like I went hiking or played baseball. I did not; I just wore them to work. Which when you come to think about it is where we wear our undies the most. It wasn’t to stressful day. I noted my concerns above and through out the day I kept notice on the underwear. It held up great and the waistband didn’t stretch or loose shape.  Made out of 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane that felt great against my skin.  It really surprised me that it felt as good at the end of the day as the beginning of the day. I received the black pair but it’s also available in navy, grey and white.

If you order these directly from D.Hedral the sizes are in centimeters. So you will need to either do some math or find a converter calculator (which is what I did). The two sizes are S/M and L/XL.  S/M is 77-90 cm (30 – 35 inches) and L/XL is 91-107  (35-42). I have a 36-inch waist and the l/xl fit me fine. I didn’t want to chance the smaller size.

I really liked the fit of these. They did a great job making a seamless pair. Also, another thing was the waistband. Many times when you get a seamless pair it’s just the main material that is made into a waistband. This pair they paid attention to the waistband to differentiate it from the rest of the body of the brief.  My only complaint is that I wished they had a few brighter colors. I’d love to see a red or orange in this line.


  • Great fit for a seamless pair
  • Made a great waistband
  • Soft materials blend


  • Wish they had brighter colors


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 7
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall:  8

D.Hedral furnished this pair for review. It is available at their site for  28 Euros.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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