I had the fun pleasure of reviewing a new brand for me, Inter View. I received their IV League design white/blue boxer brief in the mail, and was curious. Just out of the mail, I felt the fabric, knew it was cotton, but it had a nice feel to it. I knew nothing about Inter View Underwear before I received this pair so I had no real preconceived notions about what this pair would be. I did some interneting and found On the site, I found out more about their company and this pair. Inter View is a newer brand based out of Los Angeles, stating their designs are for the everyday needs of stylish men. The IV League White/Blue Boxer Brief is part of their “IV League” line which features design elements reminiscent of old school gym shorts. The IV League Boxer Brief can come in White/Blue, Blue/White, Red, and White, but the combinations of blue and white are the only ones with the additional lettering and logos. The pair I got is the White/Blue pair, which is a mostly white boxer brief, with light blue piping around the pouch, and binding around the leg holes. The waistband is a 1 1/2” white band with a blue strip on the bottom and a thick red stripe in the middle with Inter View repeating around the band. The pair features an ample front seamed pouch, and a full back. The Blue/White combination pairs also have a #13 printed on the right hip, and a IV wreath logo on the left hip.

I wore this to a day at my job as a circus coach at a summer camp. It is a pretty active day for me. I’m running around, doing warm-ups, stretching, spotting children doing circus, demonstrating tricks… I was surprised they held up quite nicely. I’m usually a little worried about boxer briefs because unless the pouch is REALLY defined, I find some of my parts drift downwards below the pouch as it sags during the day, and I keep pulling the back up to tighten the under-crotch area again. This pair kept my parts in the pouch the whole time. I wouldn’t go running in them per se, but it was fine to do a basic warm up with some stretching.

I got a size large, and it fit me perfectly. According to Inter View’s size chart, I am in the middle-upper range of their large size, so I’d say that is a spot on size chart. The sizing only accommodates waist sizes between 28 and 34”…not the widest range, hopefully they will open that up in the future.

What I like about this pair is that it feels comfy for the most part, and has a very handsome look to it. The old school gym class shorts design elements really gives it some whimsy However, I did have some issues with some choices made. Specifically the tag, which is a sewn in tag and gets a little irritating until I forget about it after a while. I also think that while the 95% cotton 5% spandex blend is a very nice fabric used here, I have felt nicer 95%/5% cotton/spandex blends, and which is had a little softer quality to it while still maintaining it’s structure.

Out of the boxer briefs in my life, this is one of my new favorites because it doesn’t let my stuff fall down below the pouch. I like the styling and I don’t have a lot of “sporty” designed underwear. I am interested to see where Inter View goes with their brand. They are focusing on the “basics” right now, which is fine, but I think they’ll need some bolder design ideas in order to pass into the big leagues.


  • Comfortable fabric.
  • Classy design details.
  • Snug but well designed pouch.


  • Standard color choices.
  • Sewn in tag.


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 5
  • Styling – 7
  • Daily Performance -7
  • OVERALL – 7.2

Interview furnished this pair for review. Find it on their site


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