I will say that Cocksox has been one of my favorite companies over the years I have been doing the blog. Not only do they make incredible underwear but they have great people behind them. They are also not a company that creates new lines, like a fine wine they put out a line when it’s time. What they do is refresh the classics. Which is fine by me because the classics are just AMAZING. If you’re like me you have a favorite pair and then get annoyed it’s no longer offered. Cocksox has the opposite they have a great core line and then refresh colors and make me want every color!

So whats new? Well the big color released is Yellow. They have added it in a few different lines. The CX01, thongs, long johns and more! This is in the regular and Ahoy Collection. Want to see all the pics click the continue reading button!

cx01N_gold_34 cx05N_gold_34 cx76ST_ahoy gold_34

cx68ST_ahoy gold_34 cx68_gold_34 cx16ST_ahoy gold_34

cx14N_gold_34cx12ST_ahoy gold_34 cxA09N_fluoro yellow_front

cxA03N_fluoro yellow_34 cxA91N_fluoro yellow_front cxA93N_fluoro yellow_front

Next is the addition the Sniper Line has a few new styles. Cmabo is a big trend in men’s undies, and the amazing pouch will make this one stand out.

cx93_sniper_front cx68CPR_sniper_34

The other two colors are Black/Pink waistband and new styles in Black, which is a great color comb! I don’t think of Pink and Black going so well together!

cx12N_liquorice black_34 cx16_liquorice black_34 cx68_liquorice black_34

cx76_liquorice black_34 cx93_liquorice black_34

Find these all at the Cocksox Site!



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