1513226_10151945070019092_478323444_nHere at UNB we try to save you money at times but this post is not one of those. I know we have readers who has an unlimited budget for swimwear and underwear. The guy who buys premium underwear/swimwear want to have exclusive pairs that not many other people will be wearing. That’s why we are bringing you the Meridian Buckle Bikini.

If you’re not familiar with Parke & Ronen here is about them: Parke & Ronen is the product of two remarkable designers with an inspired vision for a unique fashion company. Preferring chic sensuality to glitz and gimmicks, Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel created Parke & Ronen. While always in touch with the latest trends, the Parke & Ronen customer does not fall victim to extreme looks. Refined details, quality fabrics, and exquisite fit are the hallmarks of the Parke & Ronen look, attracting clients who choose to dress simply yet look sensational.

The Meridian Buckle Bikini is very simple in it’s styling. There are not gadgets or other embellishments other then the buckle. I really like this pair. Made from a nylon/spandex tricot. I have seen previous pairs from them and it’s about on course for their pricing. So what is the price? its $105.

I hear a lot of you say, that’s a large price for a small swim brief. Like I said earlier, it’s not for those on a budget. But if you’re looking for something classic and a little more exclusive then check out Parke & Ronen

M buckle R back M buckle R side 2 M buckle R side M buckle R front


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