I am reviewing the Gregg Homme Rodeo Boxer Brief in Red from Gregg Homme’s new collection. I have tried a few other pairs of undies by Gregg Homme in the past but it had been a while, so I was really excited to see what his new collection was all about. When I first got these in the mail, the first thing that really caught my eye was the fun plaid pattern. When I took them out of the package I got another surprise. They are made of a somewhat sheer material, which I really liked. It provides just enough transparency to show off what you are rockin’ without being too reveling.  It totally added an element of “sexy” that I have come to expect from Gregg Homme. This whole line comes in Blue, Yellow and Red. You can also get this style in trunks, jock, string or a thong. All are VERY sexy

I wore the Rodeo Boxer Briefs to work for a day and I can honestly say that they did a great job.  The material is very thin, but it feels very strong.  The waistband was very comfortable as well. The waistband is a standard 1” elastic band. However that is where it stops being “standard” It has a fun brown and black southern pattern to it, which go right along with the styling and pattern of the brief itself. The one thing that I didn’t really care for was the opening around the legs. They were a little tight for my muscular thighs and I found that they did cut into my leg a little bit after I had been wearing them for a little while. I also noticed that they didn’t stay in place really well and leg openings did ride up a little into my crotch area. With that, the material actually stretched and I did not get the feeling that my boys were being squished. For the most part they wore great during all daywear. I did switch out of them before hitting the gym. I am not sure how they would hold up. These are a pair that I will save for date night for sure.

The pair that I got from Gregg Homme to review was a size Medium, which is what I usually wear. The Rodeo Boxer Brief fit very true to size. I didn’t have any issues with the waist being to tight or a lack of coverage. I have a little bit of a bubble butt and these fit perfect. The only thing I would comment on sizing is again the leg openings. They were a little tight for me, but then again I have more muscular thighs then most guys my size. I would say if you are looking at buying a pair of these, you can stick with what you usually get and you will be happy. They were roomy in the front and fit great around the waist.

So there are a lot of things that I really liked about this pair after wearing them for the day. First the overall look of these.  I have a little bit of a thing for country boys, so this I thought the pattern and styling was spot on. I love the fact that the material is so lightweight and sheer, yet doesn’t feel like you could put your finger through it, if you pushed hard enough. The waistband is comfortable and it adds to the styling of the undies. I didn’t like the fact that they legs were not cut to fit my body style. I think if they would have added a little more elastic “stretch” to them, I would have liked these even more.

Overall, I really did like these undies. Gregg Homme is a great brand and I have enjoyed all the pairs that I have every reviewed from them, and this pair is no different. These are going to the top of my undies drawer when it comes to date night. They are sexy and fun. They are not over the top crazy but yet fun enough to provide just enough spice to your night.


  • They have a fun and sexy pattern and materials
  • Great coverage and they fit true to size
  • Waistband is well incorporated into the overall style of the undies, plus it is super comfy.


  • Leg opening is a little tight for guy with bigger or muscular thighs
  • They tend to ride up after wearing for a long period of time.

Overall Rating:

  • Daily Fit: 8
  • Sizing: 10
  • Construction and Materials: 10
  • Styling: 10
  • Daily Performance: 7
  • Overall: 9

This pair was provided to us by Gregg Homme for review. Check out their website to see all of the Gregg Homme New Collection! You wont be disappointed!


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