14100846-43-ITis the season for new undies! As we go through the next few weeks more and more undies will be released. While in Vegas I got to meet with Mundo Unico. Which happens to be one of my favorite brands of underwear. It was one of the first brands I bought back in the early 2000s.

I’m beginning to branch out into patterns. However I’m still not one for funky wild patterns. This I would say boarders on the funky and wild but there is something about the condor print that I just love. I think the first thing is it’s in my favorite color, green! More and more companies are making green undies! Which suits me just fine!

When I first saw the pair I thought it was eagles but its actually condors! It makes a great print. I don’t know why this pair just makes me smile. Made from a nylon/spandex blend it will move with you and has the amazing Mundo Unico pouch.

You can find this pair at the Mundo Unico site for $28. It also comes in two other colors, blue and orange. Also comes in a mid length boxer.

14100846-43-01 14100846-43-02


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