Sprinkles Grey - Front - Full BodyCroota has always been a favorite of the guys here at UNB. Since we first started covering them they have always ranked high in our reviews. So when they release something new we want to bring it to you guys. The latest release is the Sprinkles line. I can hear a few of you going, “Sprinkles?” The name  speaks to the the pattern they have created.

The first thing you will notice in the pictures is the color is monochromatic. We have guys who read the blog who love more “classic” colors and don’t like really bright undies. They want something that wont’ bring strange stares from people at the gym. You could take your pants off at the gym and many may not notice you have on a brand that isn’t a US staple.

You maybe asking where do the sprinkles come in? They are small dots of color mixed in the fabric. You can’t see them in the main pic but they are in all different bright colors. So when the light hits them it will sparkle! So, in second thought you may not want to wear them to the gym!

The style for this range is a low rise trunk. The waistband is a Croota branded waistband and is available in the grey and black. Both darker colors so the Sprinkles will pop!

Here is some info Croota sent us:

Croota underwear (www.croota.com) has just released its ‘Sprinkles’ range of men’s trunks, adding to a 2014 collection of underwear filled with unique styles, designs and fits.

Croota’s ‘Sprinkles’ trunks offer a subtle splattering of colors against one of two monochromatic color options. The range is offered in grey or black, and features a waistband that is a mixture of two distinctive materials (cotton and elastane), which give the Croota logo a reflective surface.

Like its other ranges, Croota’s ‘Sprinkles’ range is a lo-rise glove-fit pair of men’s trunks. It was designed for a guy who likes simple designs and subtle flair. It is made with 95% breathable cotton and 5% elastane, and retails for $22.90 (www.croota.com



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