So tell us about the new collection. What sets is apart from the previous collection? 

This season it was important for us to hold on to everything that made the success of our first collection. Ultra soft fabric, perfect fit and a bold aesthetic. With this new collection we wanted to celebrate spring/summer with a bold approach. We have really brightened-up our offering by introducing these fresh new colors inspired by the energy of Miami. There is something really celebratory about this collection!

You did a crowd fund strategy, who did that work for you guys? Was there any thing that surprised you doing the campaign? 

Our Kickstarter campaign was done by us and we had a blast! The concept is brilliant. What better way to connect with our existing customer base and new ones at the same time. What made it work for us was really the interactivity of our campaign in which we ask backers to select their favorite designs in an array of options.

Will you do another crowd funded campaign ? If so what did you learn that will make it better?

Kickstarter is the best way for us to consult with people beforehand and make sure we bring them what they need. The main aspect is to really try to innovate, bring a value added to the backers. You want to take them on a journey with you and make them become part of the team.

Do you guys have a favorite pair in the collection? 

It really depends on which mood I’m but right now it’s the Mansion brief (bright pink with titan grey)! I’ll have to check with the rest of the team to get their favorites as well!

What do you think sets Garcon Model apart from other underwear brands? 

We’re definitely in the business of making men look sharp and fitted. At the very core of our values we believe everyone should look stylish in whatever form that takes. Our goal is to provide men with tasteful underwear that brings a little fun and stylish edge without going overboard. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Waistband are super important to me, so what made you do the #flashyourwaistband ? 

Waistband is the most visible part of the underwear and it’s the one element that people will get a glimpse off. Our infinity waistband has been hugely praised and has now become a signature style. It’s also a statement of who you are. The brand of your underwear can tell as much about you as a whole outfit can, so you might as well be proud of it and flash it!

What is up next for Garcon Model? 

We will be expanding our wholesale distribution throughout 2014 with department stores and online retailers to ensure that Garçon Model is positioned alongside other premium underwear brands. We have lots of new products down the line that we can’t wait for people to see. So definitely stay tuned! We’ll also be introducing a brand-new look and a more muted palette of colors for the winter months.

Find Garcon Model at their website!



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