1399731545-55286300After being away from the world of men’s underwear for so long and wanting to get back into it in the worst way, I knew I needed to score some of the most up-to-date pairs. Andrew Christian has always been one of my favorites, if not my favorite brand, mainly because I am a bigger guy. Once I discovered their “Anatomically Correct” pouch designs I was instantly hooked (and all other well-endowed guys need to try AC). So it was a no brainer then, to log onto AndrewChristian.com to see what was new.

Flashing in front of me was the “Twerk” Brief, complete with glossy pictures of chiseled male models standing in both the red and black colors. A video so blatantly homo-erotic that I didn’t even think before clicking past it and seeing what sizes were available. Let me start with the name of these, the “Twerk” brief–clearly a play on the famous ass-shaking dance move made famous by YouTube and that Miley Cyrus made infamous overnight–I am not a fan. Twerking was cool back when it didn’t have a name and it could be seen in every Nelly music video ever made–but alas it actually works (sort of) for this pair of briefs.

Why you ask? Well since Twerking typically involves big butts, this brief is built for guys with bubble or power butts. This “accommodation” for those of us with bigger booties is accomplished by a more severe “drop” in the seat of these briefs along with somewhat of a barely noticeable pleating of material at the apex of the leg opening, which stretches accommodatingly once they get pulled on over a bubble butt.

The result is quite frankly one of the most comfortable pairs of underwear I have ever owned, and that’s saying something considering my collection is pushing 200 pairs. The brief utilizes 93% rayon which is a fabric made from bamboo fibers and its just about the softest fabric you can put in underwear. The “Anatomically Correct” pouch lets your goods hang the way they were meant to, and the room in the pouch of these particular briefs is pushing “Trophy Boy” territory and for guys like me, that’s just one more reason I love these briefs. The sizing of these is also very generous which is fairly typical of all of the rayon briefs Andrew Christian offers. I wear a 36 in jeans which means I am technically about a 40″ waist, but the XL (34-36) fits me fine. If your pant size is the lower number in Andrew Christian’s range, you are going to want to size down in this particular brief.

As far as looks go, Andrew Christian the designer knows what he is doing when it comes to Limited Edition underwear. The color scheme of a uniformed light blue background underneath red lettering on a white waistband offers a modern take on retro. I love the color combination of the shade of blue and bright red in the piping the frame the pouch. XLs were sold out in both colors just a day after the brief was released, but using the sneaky tip you’ll only get from me. I found them on Amazon in XL in Red, though upon further research there are some AC online distributors that still have full-size runs on both colors of this LE Twerk Brief.

I’ve worn the brief two or three times since I bought them-a full day’s wear each time, and I honestly could be happy with an underwear drawer full of them. I suppose the only downside to this brief is that they are truly meant for guys with bigger behinds. So if you’ve got a flat butt and still want these, you may have to size down once, if not twice to get your desired fit. But be careful doing this as you may sacrifice comfort up front for not having extra material in the seat. If you ARE athletically built, or just have good big-butt genetics, don’t wait to pick these up, you will be glad you did.


  • Incredibly comfortable, especially for guys with bubble butts like mine
  • The pouch is ample despite it being a brief focused on rear-end accommodation
  • Looks great


  • If you don’t have a bubble butt, you may just have to pass on these.


  • Daily Fit: 10
  • Sizing : 8
  • Construction/Materials: 10
  • Styling: 10
  • Daily Performance: 10
  • Overall: 9.5

Find these and more at the Andrew Christian Site.




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