Pistol Pete Power Mesh Singlet GYM3040

Singlets are the new must have in the world of men’s activewear. I remember getting my first singlet way back in the 90’s. Back then they were just for wrestling and you had to get them at either sporting good stores or through a mail order site (yes this was before the internet) for wrestling gear. We flash forward almost 20 years and they are every where! Every brand lately has made them.

Pistole Pete has a very unique style. It shows in everything they do and the Power Mesh singlet is no exception. The lines they use in the design will accent what you have and also enhance. The colors are Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Navy/Red and Blue Black and have white side panels and trim. The way the main colors are put together, they  are contrasting and will draw attention for where ever you are wearing it.

Another trend in singlets is that they are very deep cut. The traditional singlets were higher cut, some almost tank stop style, while others had a full front and low cut sides. These, as you may guess, is not made for wrestling for sport. Any wrestling you do won’t be on a mat in front of a crowd (or we don’t think it will).  It has me asking where you would wear it? I would think a bar gear night, private party and well… you know!

The material is a sports mesh. Meaning its solid with holes in it. It’s not super see through but if you get the darker colors it will show through. As you can see with the Navy back view (see below). Also if you look at the Red/Black the pouch is mildly see through. So if you are planning to wear this in public you want to note that it may not be street legal. It also begs the question do you wear anything under singlets? Some wrestlers do wear jocks under them but the way this is made we ask why would you wear anything, if you’re going to show it off, why not show it all off.

Singlets are just a lot of fun. Like I stated above it’s hard to figure out where to wear them, but we will leave that up to your best judgement! If you want to check this singlet out they are at the Pistol Pete website for $59.50


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