9632_5009_1It’s Friday! Fetish Friday to be exact! What better way to celebrate this day than a steamy pair of underwear sure to start the weekend off right.Andrew Christian released a pair of underwear that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. The C-Ring Brief Jock is sure to get you counting down to 5:00pm and ready for a hot date night. This jockstrap features a cock ring like front that enhances your package and a butt lifting jockstrap support in the back. A pair that enhances all the way around. The cock ring like front adds a lift to the package and an open hole for the entire package to be out and freely exposed. I slipped the pair on, got everything positioned, and looked down to see my package out and about in all of its glory. The front of the underwear, except for the hole that your package is exposed through, is similar to a brief. This can definitely be appealing for those who like the fit of a brief versus a jockstrap or minimal front.

My Friday was similar to my other days of the week, taking the pair through the normal work day routines. It was interesting wearing this pair with the open front because I found myself double checking to make sure my zipper was closed. You can definitely feel that you are a little more exposed which is both frightening and intriguing all the same. The C-Ring was not uncomfortable but it did feel a little tight at the base of the package where the fabric meets the skin. This is the same feeling that I had in a previous Andrew Christian pair that was package enhancing. The back fits similar to any other jockstrap with straps that lift the butt and add a comfortable feeling.

I wear a medium and as usual Andrew Christian fits the body perfectly for their man. With all of the Andrew Christian pairs I own and have reviewed in the past week, I can clearly state that Andrew Christian stays true to their waistband and makes pairs of underwear that fit your body in all of the right places and with no problems. If you are looking for a completely exposing and sexual pair of underwear, this is a great pair to get you through the day and ready for a fun night to remember. Trust me, I saw the eyes of the other when my pants slid off!

Andrew Christian week is nearing its end. Stay tuned for a weekend finale….


  • Fetish friendly
  • Visual exposure
  • Enhances assets


  • Tight, cockring-like pouch
  • Over exposed feeling


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 10
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 9

Find this and other pairs at the Andrew Christian Site. This pair retails for $23.93 on the Andrew Christian site.

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