Andrew Christian 9532 Tease Bubble Butt JockstrapI decided to have an Andrew Christian jock and thong marathon week and wear a new pair of underwear each day.  To start off the week, I wore the Andrew Christian Teaser Bubble Butt Jockstrap on Monday.  At first glance this jockstrap caught my eye with its sleek design which shows skin and teases in all of the right places.  The front pouch has a “V” cut out at the top underneath the waistband, showing off some skin and a slight hint of the base of then penis.  This is a definite tease for anyone who is looking to show off some serious skin in the front!  The back is cut like a basic jockstrap but features two additional straps up across the butt, keeping everything tight and appealing, for the men who have a great bubble butt!  I slid the pair on, put all of the straps in place, and immediately felt the tension of the two added straps to my butt.  It was tighter than most jockstraps but I did not mind it.  Anything that can enhance a part of a man is a good thing in my book!

I wore the jockstrap through my workday which consists of all of the normal movements one would go through in the course of the day.  I felt Andrew Christian 9532 Tease Bubble Butt Jockstrapcomfortable all day long.  I definitely could feel the additional straps and they stood out in my mind more than anything else on the pair.  You will definitely notice and feel the additional straps on your butt but not to the point that makes the pair awkward or uncomfortable.  They are there to enhance your butt, adding to your profile and roundness.  Depending on the guy, this can be a huge benefit to this pair.  A few minor adjustments throughout the day at the base of the pair where the four straps meet may be required.  I did adjust a few times to get more comfortable.  The “V” cut out in front is very sexy and I love looking down being able to see some of my shaft.  This will be a great pair for any guy on a date looking to give a little tease and skin to his partner.

I wear a medium and the jockstrap was 100% true to size.  It fit me great and I had no problems anywhere with the sizing.  I was comfortable all day long.  I had enough room in the pouch and no issues that led to uncomfortable incorrect sizing.

I love how Andrew Christian can take so many pairs of underwear and enhance them in small ways that make such a big impact.  His sophisticated yet sexy take on underwear is why he is so successful and present in the media.

Tomorrow morning I will slip into another one of his creative designs.  Stay tuned……


  • Butt Support
  • Fit
  • Tease capability


  • The tightness of the additional straps could bother some wearers by noticing it all day
  • Adjusting at bottom with a lot of movement


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 10
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

Find this pair on the Andrew Christian website.Post contains an affiliate link.


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