Andrew Christin 9568 Trophy Boy G-StringTo continue my Andrew Christian marathon week I decided to try out the new Andrew Christian Trophy Boy G String.  First I have to say that I love how companies like Andrew Christian can make both styles of thongs, the g string and the thong.  Many people may think they are similar but their structure is different and I appreciate anyone who is able to understand the two separately.  This g-string is built like most others which features extra thin straps along the waist band and up the back with a very little pouch in front to cover the package.

When I first slipped the pair on, I was in awe of its beautiful sexy look.  Thongs and g-strings have such a signature look that they make you feel sexy and take you to a new persona the moment you put them on.  I love this about them.  For me, I feel different and I feel sexy and that is what underwear should make you do.  It should be a showcase of how you feel.  I made sure all of the straps were perfectly in place before I slipped some pants on and proceeded with my day.  There is a nice little “Trophy Boy” tag on the side strap and yes, today, I was my own trophy boy!  I instantly felt like I had nothing on underneath my pants which was great!  Nothing was tight or uncomfortable.  The sides and back felt naked and the strap up the back did not rub or feel awkward in anyway.  Even if you are a beginner with thongs, I think this pair would not intimidate you.

The whole day I felt naked underneath my pants or like anything was barely there.  This is a great feeling because it shows an incredible attention to comfort and allows something so sexy such as a g-string to become a pair of underwear you can wear outside of the bedroom.  One of the only negative things about the wear and tear of the g-string is that the thin straps on the side will twist and turn with your movement all day.  If you are OCD, you will find yourself adjusting the strap to get the “Trophy Boy” tag facing correctly and everything looking just right.  The front pouch is nice because it has the flexibility to be as wide or as narrow as you want it to be.  Like the side straps, the pouch will bunch up as the day goes on.  A simple adjustment can fix this in no time.

For the basic g-string, this pair takes it a step up.  It’s beautiful in looks and despite a few small adjustments needed here and there, it is a perfect addition to the sexy side of your drawer.  The bottom line is, this g-string stands for GREAT!

Andrew Christian week continues tomorrow with a hump day special!  Stay tuned….


  • Visual appeal
  • Pouch flexibility
  • Comfort and material


  • Strap movement and twisting
  • Pouch bunching


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 8
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

Find this pair on the Andrew Christian site. Post contains an affiliate sales link

Andrew Christin 9568 Trophy Boy G-String


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