Andrew Christian TROPHY BOY SPIDER THONG 9543Happy Thong Thursday everyone!  Naturally I had to celebrate with Andrew Christian‘s Trophy Boy Spider Thong with Show-It Technology.  I love the look of these spider thongs because of all of the straps and cutouts that really let you feel sexy and show off some skin.  Taking a look at this thong you immediately notice a few things.  First there are the additional side straps underneath the waistband making the pair look more like a spider web with all of the different lines.  These straps meet in the back at a wider top triangle than most thongs.  The straps add a pleasant image to the sides of the thong as it allows a section of skin to show that is usually revealed when wearing a thong anyways, but this adds a level of excitement and sex appeal.  Another thing you will notice is the built in pouch in the front that enhances your bulge.  Slipping the pair on, it is important to make sure you get your entire package into the pouch in front for the best profile and comfort.

The thong held up quite well during my workday as I did all of the normal movements of sitting, standing, walking, and driving.  I enjoy giving underwear test runs through the work day because it is important to find pairs that can be a significant part of your drawer and become in rotation for everyday wear and not just special occasions.  The strap in back never felt uncomfortable which I appreciate with thongs.  Nothing is worse than wearing a thong where the back strap rubs or irritates your butt all day.  All of the straps stayed in place and were comfortable all day long.  The extra straps on the side didn’t bunch up or tighten the pair at all.  The only slight discomfort I felt during the day was how tight the front pouch was around my package.  I consider myself average in that department and I felt as though the front pouch was too constricted throughout the day.  I have never worn a cockring for any length of time but that is what I felt like it probably resembled.  For some, this may be a pro and not a con.

I purchased a medium as that is my normal size and the underwear stayed true to size.  As I mentioned above, the only area I did not feel that it fit right was in the enhancing front pouch.  I would not rule this out and would definitely wear this pair again.  It was not enough to turn me off from the pair.  The pair still continues to turn me on and hopefully a partner when seen!

Andrew Christian week continues tomorrow with a Friday fun special treat….


  • Visual appeal
  • Pouch enhancement
  • Vibrant color


  • Tight, cockring-like pouch


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 9

Find this pair on the Andrew Christian website. Post contains an affiliate link.

Andrew Christian TROPHY BOY SPIDER THONG 9543


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