10635971_678297568907889_2518958041849253856_nWhen Flash Avenue Studios sent over the pics posted earlier I had to see the company that made them. Yes I’m a bit of a geek, well I more of a big geek boy who stared and underwear blog. I have LOVED the Marvel movies, so to have comic inspired swimwear I was Thrilled. I have see one of the suits before in a photogs pic on Tumblr but didn’t know who made it, and now I do!

The one thing I love about underwear/swimwear is it brings guys together. Geeks, jocks, avg joes and beefy guys. We share the same love and its a bond we all have and Little Rok brings out the geek in all of us, which is a good thing. Little Rok is based out of Italy and they are inspired by their love of super heroes and body building. They aren’t just swimwear they have some really cool swim, tanks and t’s. By the way you can get at matching CAP shirt for your swimwear.

The three styles I am going to focus on are BOOM, STAR and CAP.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_7_905x534-905x534The Boom is just like in the comics with the call out bubble going BOOM! It is available in 5 different color combinations.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_3_905x534-905x534The Star is inspired by Captian America’s shield, or at least that’s my opinion. It is available in two different shades of blue.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_6_905x534-905x534Last is their CAP, which from their  site was one of their first designs. It’s their take on a super hero. Available in three different color combinations

I Love each of these designs. You can really see how they were inspired by the love of super heroes. When I first saw the pair I knew I had to find out who created it. It was sexy and fun to me. If i saw a guy wearing this on the beach, I would know he’s a guy about having fun and not taking things so seriously.

The cost on these are over 30 Euros. The exchange rate varies from day to day. So they won’t be cheap but they shouldn’t be super expensive either. To find them check out the Little Rok site and remember you can change the site to english (or other language) at the top of the page!



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