When you think of a basic collection, one brand that doesn’t come to mind is Gregg Homme. When you think of Gregg Homme, you think super sexy and amazing underwear. Ones you wear on an anniversary dinner or a hot date! So when I got the Torrid Basic Brief I thought, “oh cool a basic line” Well I should have known they put their own spin on the basic!

I say this because if you think it’s going to be totally basic, you are wrong. The first think you notice is the size. Like many pairs from Gregg Homme you pick them up and ask, how is this going to fit me its WAY too small. But the fabrics they use have amazing stretch and feel. How they find this fabric is beyond me but its some of the most amazing in underwear today.

The first thing you notice when you put it on is the fabric is slightly see through. After I put it on I could see pretty much everything. Granted it wasn’t a full on here’s all my business but it was noticeable. So I wouldn’t recommend then to be worn at a gym. The fit on the pair was very well.  As I mentioned above, if this is your first pair, you will not believe how one pair will stretch and feel amazing.

I wore these to work. Which is quite busy and always up and down so I knew they would get a good work out. When I put them on to begin with they felt a little small so I hoped this wouldn’t be an issue. But as the day went on they felt great and I didn’t notice them. The fabric has an 8 way stretch that will conform to any guy.

Sizing has never been an issue with me and Gregg Homme. They make their undies out of great fabrics that will fit their sizing charts. As I have said you may pull it out and go “NO WAY” but put it on and you will see. The pair i received was an XL and it fit great. As I said I had wondered about the fit through the day but it really held up great and didn’t ride down or feel too snug in any way !


  • Amazing Fabric
  • Sexy see through material
  • Fit great


  • I would like a bigger was it band (but thats a personal choice)
  • My not be great for a gym work out!


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing- 9
  • Construction/Materials -10
  • Styling -9
    Daily Performance  – 9
    Overall: 9.2

Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review. There are seven colors and it is available for $32.95 from the Gregg Homme Site.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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