Its time to be thinking of Valentines Day Underwear. You maybe saying, but we just left Christmas/Holiday season we need to relax a little and then think about Valentine’s Day after New Years. I will counter to that, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!

BodyAware is one of those companies that are synonymous with sexy underwear. They always make something skimpy and fun that will show off everything. They just released the WOW! Mesh Tanga. If you’re not familiar with the term it’s more of a string bikini cut. The front is a pouch and the back is not quire full coverage. But hey you’re wearing mesh so you won’t have full coverage!

The pair is made out of a fishnet/herringbone type mesh. Which mean’s it’s going to have larger openings and won’t be 100% see through like some mesh out on the market. If you are a big fan of bikinis and mesh, this is the pair for you to wear out on a date or skip the date and just wear it at home. It’s super sexy and fun. They say the material is super light and comfortable. Knowing BodyAware I would believe them. The fabric super lightweight and should fit you amazing without binding and driving you crazy.
The fabric is Nylon/Spandex blend. Which should fit you pretty well and conform to your body. The pair just comes in two colors, black and white. It would be awesome to have this pair in a red. Not just for Valentine’s Day but I think red is one of the sexiest colors of underwear. Something to be said about seeing a guy in a red bikini.

I hope you guys will check this pair out if you want something super sexy for Valentine’s Day. Your significant other may just flip out when they see you in this. It’s easily worn under a suit, jeans or by itself (I don’t think i need to elaborate more on that one). It retails for $16.50 at the BodyAware site. Also check out some of the other pairs they have as well. You may find they have a lot of great underwear if you have never shopped there before!

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