Are you a fan of fetishwear? You know really fun underwear/gear that you can wear out to a bar, around the house or even to work. Who said you had to have boring underwear at work! If you are then you already know about Cellblock13. They just released the new Enforcer line.

The first thing you notice with the Enforcer line is the new waistband. The new branded waistband is awesome. Cellblock13 is written across the front and the band is a main color with thin white stripe at the bottom. I really like this band and the font the brand name is written. The other colors available are blue, green, red and orange. They are different colors form the red, yellow that has become a staple of the brand.

This line is 7 different pairs. Which for a new line is HUGE! There is the Enforcer Pant and Jock Pant. The cut is an updated one that has been featured in other lines but updated for the new colors. The Jock Pant has the back side cut out! The other styles are the Trunk, Cruising Jock, Jock Brief, Brief, and Enforcer Jock. You maybe asking whats the difference between the Cruising Jock and the regular jock? The regular jock is a classic cut of a 3 inch waistband that you see in many old school jocks. It has a tag in the front rather than the Cellblock13 name in the band.

Each of these are super fun and a great line. You can find it at retailers or the Cellblock13 site.


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