Are you ready? Christmas Eve Prep Time!

Christmas Eve can be a busy day as we all wind down our work schedules, rush through last minute shopping, prepare foods, wrap gifts, and begin spending time with friends and family.  Usually on Christmas Eve I am doing a few of them!  As you get the last few details of your holiday wrapped up I thought it would be fun to look at possible ways to give the gift of underwear!


Hopefully if you ordered from online, everything has come to your doorstep and you are ready to wrap.  If not, don’t be alarmed, we know the delivery men are working today too!  Now let’s talk about a few fun ways to wrap up that underwear purchase for your loved one (or yourself!).  If you ordered several pairs, you can do many different ways to give that special someone more gifts to open instead of everything in one box.  Just imagine the look on the face when all is said and done!


Stockings are a great place to put a pair or 2 of underwear because we always tend to save the little items for the stocking while the bigger ones stay under the tree.  Depending on tradition and whether you open your stocking first or last may depend on which pair you put in there.  If the stocking is the last thing opened, determine which pair you want to be the final reveal.



If you are feeling very adventurous with your loved one, it may be fun to surprise them in a fun way.  

Did you buy a 2nd pair for yourself as well? Maybe naughty Santa wants to give a nice present?  Dressing up (or down and sexy) can add a little excitement to Christmas morning, unless you want to have some excitement on Christmas Eve night!  

Have some fun with it because whatever you do will show your loved one that this was more than just a gift!  

But what if the gift didn’t come in the mail yet?  This is always a tough one because you don’t want to disappoint.  The best advice is to wrap up a picture.  I know it is not the most exciting but it gets to the point.


At the end of the chaos in shopping, massive food preparations, and replayed Christmas music, the holiday is all about spending time with your friends, family, and loved  ones.  Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone from Underwear News Briefs!



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