Today, I’m reviewing the Envy Logo Sport Trunk.  This was my first soiree into this brand, so I was interested to try this pair out.  It came in a soft blue color, but is also available in black, white, and grey; and it has a “Team Envy” log on the right hip.  Initially, it looked kind of small, and the sizing is “S/M” versus the traditional “S”, “M”, etc.  The material felt a little scratchy when I first opened it, but after washing, it got a little more comfortable.

To review the pair, I decided to run it through the full spectrum of my day: work, gym, lounging, sleep.  The legs are a little constricting, which, for a trunk is kind of a pro, and a con.  The legs definitely stayed in place throughout the day, but it still felt kind of uncomfortable around my legs.  At the gym, it still stayed in place well, and did a pretty good job as far as moisture wicking.  It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear at the gym, but didn’t provide the best support.  Overall, though, the pair held up well throughout the day.

The sizing, as I mentioned, isn’t your standard small, medium, etc; but mine came in a “S/M”, which the box says fits a 28-32 waist.  I usually wear a medium in underwear, with a 32-24 waist, and the pair felt fine around my waist.  Also, as mentioned above, the legs did feel a little snug.  I’m not sure how much difference another size up would have made as far as the legs go, though, but as far as the waist sizing, it seemed to run pretty true to what I would have expected.

The material ended up feeling a lot better than I expected it to: it’s 90% polyester, 10% spandex, but felt kind of weird when I first took it out of the box.  It’s softer than I thought it would be.  I liked that the legs stayed in place all day, even at the gym: trunks often ride up too much while active and these definitely didn’t.  The pouch has a similar design to the Andrew Christian “hang free” pouches, and thus, provides a little extra room.  As I’ve already mentioned several times, though, the legs were really uncomfortable and tight.  There really isn’t anything that makes this pair stand out, or leave me wanting to grab it first out of my drawer before anything else.

It’s not a bad pair of underwear; there’s just nothing really special about it that you can’t find in multiple other pairs of sport trunks.  I didn’t feel especially sexy while wearing it, and it didn’t seem to add anything to my day that I couldn’t get from another pair of underwear.  I have a desk job, so staying in place really isn’t an issue during my work day, but it was nice that everything stayed in once place while at the gym.  It did keep things cool “down there”, which you won’t get from other materials, say cotton.  Honestly, though, I wore it for the one day to get my impressions, and it’s been sitting in my drawer since.

Overall, I’d give this pair a rating of a 6.

Envy Men’s wear furnished this pair for review.


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