When you think Pop Stars you would want as as an underwear model, I would be safe to assume that Justin Bieber is not top of your list. But he is the new face of Calvin Klein. It was released on his Twitter with the phrase “it begins.” I will be the first to admit the pictures don’t look half bad.

Justin joins former CK underwear models Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato Jr, Marcus Schenkenberg, Fredrik Ljungberg, Djimon Hounsou and Brandon Stoughton. CK has never shied away from making controversial picks for their models. In the 197o’s he had a very young Brooke Shields say “Nothing becomes between her and her Calvins” when she was just 17. When he got Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg he had a rougher image than he does today. So many people were skeptical about it.


When I first saw this I thought maybe it was a hoax. Back in the 90’s Woody Harrelson had a bill board up in Times Square as a CK underwear model. It turned out it was just part of a movie called “The Cowboy Way.” But do a Google search and you will see this is legit. It’s reported in everything from the Daily Mail in the UK to US Magazine. So the Bieb’s is going to be in CK for a bit.

What do you guys think to this choice? It’s not the one I would choose for them. I think they should get an someone like Adam Levine, Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth or  for a lesser known actor maybe Matt McGorry. But I can see why they would pic Justin. For one, he’s a controversial figure and they are going to get massive publicity (we are doing a post on it). Next, you got to admit he does look good in the pics. I was surprised he has put on some muscle, has a few more tats and yeah prob photoshopped for it.


Do you feel CK made a good choice in choosing Justin s the new face of CK? Or do you think they made a big mistake in having him pose in his undies and joining the ranks of previous models.



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