The review process for 2015 is starting for me and as I mentioned at the new year, my goal for 2015 is to try 15 new brands.  I start my 15 in 2015 with a pair of Cheap Undies.  Cheap Undies is a great website because they bring you exceptional underwear at unbelievable prices daily.  There is a new deal everyday at 12:00pm.  On top of all of the great brands they feature, they also develop their own line.  I decided to give the Bulge Brief a try from Cheap Undies.  I was first drawn to this pair by the design that they did on the brief, noting the bulge support as well as the design on the sides of the brief.  The brief has a great runner style to its design which is appealing to any man looking for a little thinner sides, going away from a trunk style.  I personally like smaller briefs so this is the type of style I go for.  After I opened the pair and slid them on, I immediately noticed how comfortable the material was.  It felt like the most comfortable t-shirt you would slide on to lay on the couch for a lazy “me” day.  Cheap Undies nailed it with this!

I wore the underwear throughout a busy day at work.  The pouch has a built in support system which allows you to place everything up and away from the body.  I like how more underwear companies are finding ways to lift the package and offer ways to dodge uncomfortable pouches.  Enhancement is always a good thing as well.  I felt 100% comfortable throughout the front of the underwear all day long.  Occasionally throughout the day I felt that the back of the underwear was riding up a little bit.  I found myself adjusting the back of the underwear a few times in the morning.  Luckily it was early on in my day and the afternoon felt comfortable all around the underwear.   When I got home, I looked at the back of the underwear and felt that the back piping was a little looser than some of my other underwear.  At the end of the day, I was much more comfortable than uncomfortable in this underwear!


I wear a medium and feel as though this brand is very true to its sizing.  The front of the underwear fit perfectly, with plenty of room, and I felt comfortable all day.  As I mentioned, I had a few issues in the back early on but I do not think that is a sizing issue.  In my opinion, the front of underwear matters more in comfort than the back.  When you wear a variety of underwear such as briefs, jocks, or thongs, you learn to expect many different fits in the back.  The front is where the most comfort and support is needed.  I would also not let that stop me from purchasing more Cheap Undies or wearing this pair again!  Thank you Cheap Undies for starting my 2015 reviews off on a positive note!  Let’s see what you have at 12:00pm tomorrow!


  • Comfortable material
  • Great support and fit in front pouch
  • Runner design and style


  • Loose butt support


  • Daily Fit = 8.5
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9.5
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

Assistant Editor for Underwear News Briefs. Favoring the skimpier underwear with briefs, jocks, and thongs. Enjoy engaging underwear fans and readers throughout.

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