ErgoWear makes some incredible underwear! They are keeping up this trend with the new Vermouth Suave collection. ErgoWear calls this men’s lingerie. This may scare a few of you off but don’t let it. I think that term gets a bad wrap in the world of men’s underwear. Its a term used to make underwear to feel sexy. This is not a bad thing in underwear! We all want to feel sexy!

The new Vermouth collection is offered in three different styles in the Ergowear line up. Its featured in the Feel, X3D and Max Collections. The Feel has a revolutionary seamless 3-D designed pouch. The Max is a sporty look with the signature waistband and ergonomically designed pouch. The X3D is ErgoWears original take on underwear and features the amazing ergonomically designed pouch.

Vermouth comes in an amazingly soft fabric made out of  polyester-spandex microfiber blend. Ergowear sys it is “most advanced microfiber technology up to date, being ultra soft on the skin, with high elasticity, moisture expeling and faster frying, and is surprisingly resistant to abrasion”

The pairs that are offered in this collection are the Feel Suave Bikini, Feel Suave Mini Boxer and Feel Suave Thong, Max Suave Bikini, Max Suave Boxer, Max Suave Thong, X3D Suave Bikini, X3D Suave Mini Boxer and X3D Suave Thong. The line is only available in one color, which is pinkish/purple. The Max collection has a white waistband and the Feel and X3D have covered waistbands.

If you like this line check it out! Its super sexy and fun. Right now it’s on sale at Candyman Fashion site for 20% off with code vermouth. The sale ends tomorrow 8/10/15.


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