Bodysuits are growing in popularity in the world of men’s fetishwear. They can be worn under jeans out or under your work clothes (suit or uniform). One of the newest bodysuits on the market is the ManStore String Body. If you aren’t familiar with ManStore, and you love fetishwear, you need to learn about them quick. They make some super fun pairs of underwear and fetishwear. Based out of Germany

A general overview of the suit is:

This super micro fabric is wafer-thin, high-elastic, slightly transparent, sensitive and extremely skin-tight … perfect ingredients for a sexy line, which strongly forms what the self-conscious man likes to show. In black or white, all the eccentric Manstore cuts, shapes and functions are assembled here in M101. Jock straps, thongs and pants … partly with lasso – or bungee function, partly with push-up equipment or with other fascinating details.

This bodysuit has a thong back. Which adds to the sexy appeal of the pair. We are seeing more and more body suits with thong backs. So thong fans rejoice! I think I like the thong back more than the full back. The full back has the potential of riding up or loosing its shape during the day.

So where would you wear this pair? First, I could this at a fetish bar night. Pair it with jeans and boots. Maybe some leather accessories. Next, Fetish wear is not just for the bedroom or bar. The white could be worn under a suit or work clothes. The only problem I see is going to the bathroom. It’s like wearing a singlet to work. There is no easy way to go. Let’s face it we have to be practical. I’m sure you guys could get super creative in where you wear it.

The bodysuit is available in white and black. Each one retails for 45,95 Euros. I am currently unaware of a US store that carries ManStore. This can be purchased from the ManStore website

Item number: 206189
Material: 80% Polyamid, 20% Elasthan
Color: black or White
Cost: 45,95 Euros


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