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As avid underwear consumers. One of the main things we look for when making a purchase are looks.  Especially when you know that one undie in particular is going to be seen by someone. No, I am not talking about the bedroom but the locker room. Yes the one place you avoided as a kid but ended up loving as an adult (at least in my case).  Due to the fact that at some point in he locker room you are going to have to strip down to your skivvies and reveal it all. I don’t know about you but I always like to be prepared when that moment comes. My favorite gym wear is almost always Andrew Christian.

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Yes Andrew Christian. The brand we all know and love to wear, has gone back to the basics while bringing us something fresh and new with their upcoming Vibe collection. Andrew Christian is usually my go to brand when I workout.  Due to their anatomically correct pouches with their “Show It Technology” and “Almost Naked” styles. That let my goods have that support and freedom.  while also showing them off a bit in the gym. While all those factors are a plus, it’s what happens afterwards that makes me think twice.

Before I hit the showers at the gym. I cringe at the fact that I have put my Andrew Christian undies through such a vigorous gym session. The stretching and sweating I endure during a workout takes it’s toll on my undies. After a while and we all know good underwear doesn’t come cheap enough for us to simply toss out and buy more. But have no fear my fellow fitness and underwear enthusiasts.  The new Vibe collection from Andrew Christian has promised to change all that.


Their new Vibe ad campaign looks as though they have toned it down a notch in terms of colors and over the top styles.  They make up for it with their underwear that is promising to be the go to pair when it comes to controlling sweat and unwanted stretching. Adult film actors Ryan Rose and Arad Winwin and model Jon Pastor offer plenty of eye candy in the 2 minute ad that already has me somewhat sold (don’t judge.) The video showcases Ryan, Arad and Jon pumping iron, several sets of squats and most of all doing lots and lots of sweating. Which is something we all do at the gym. Some of us more than others, which is why I know these new lines of undies are going to be the answer to all our prayers.

Aiming for a release this February, I’ll be sure to try to get my hands on a pair and put them to the test once available. Currently the Vibe collection has only two pairs in a brief and boxer. Vibe brief starts at $22.50. Vibe boxer starts at $25.00. Can be viewed online at andrewchristian.com


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