We got a chance to interview the two great guys behind Dark Room Collection about their new brand!

I have followed you guys on Instagram for a long time. What made you start Dark Room?

A. Thank you! It all started with a calendar of Paul and just happened to make it set in a Dark Room with a very sexual theme and called the calendar… Dark Room… from there we sold artwork and then onto t-shirts and now branched into fetish gear!

What has been the reaction from your Instagram followers about the brand?

A. Very positive. We never expected the brand to grow so quick and to sell to so many different countries, it really shows how far your reach can be from social media! We really owe our followers a lot and we try to give back with extra special customer care!

Dark Room has a fetish spin, what do you guys offer currently?

A. We have just released our jock straps which was always number 1 on the list of things we wanted to release. We also have 3 different types of harnesses and a brand new mesh crop top with many other fetish gear in the works!

The Dark Room jock is a great jock. What separates this jock from others on the market?

A. Paul wears a jock strap daily. So we took what he loves from all different types of jock straps to create in our eyes the perfect fitting jock! The design was Andres and comfort was approved by Paul!

Are you guys going to branch out into thongs or briefs in the future?

A. A brief will be released in the next few weeks (think end of October / beginning of Nov) and thongs definitely!

You two are the models for the brand as well. Why do you think it’s important for you two to be the face of the brand as well?

A. We wanted to make stuff we would wear ourselves. So showing us wearing them I think was very important. Why make stuff you would not wear yourself? We will definitely branch out and use other models in the future but keep us as the main faces!

What influences your collection and creation of new items?

A. Normally fetish gear we have already or had in the past that fits us well but needed to be adjusted to have our spin on it!

Is there someone famous you would love to see wearing your gear? Or has someone famous already worn your gear?

A. We would hate to pick just one! All famous fans welcome to the Dark Room! 😉

What advice do you have to guys wanting to wear more fetish gear, who are hesitant to start wearing it?

A. Embrace your sexuality! We definitely try to cater to bigger guys with our sizes. We want all body sizes to feel sexy.!

Where can guys find your gear and follow you on social media?

A. DarkRoomCollection.com & @darkroombrand on instagram – personal instagrams are @djpjm1 & @thesan_edin


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