With Ergowear’s ground-breaking pouch design, you’ll ALWAYS FEEL safe, secure, and supported. You can position your genitalia to the front or sideways with this flexible design thanks to its cutting-edge, half-moon FEEL pouch from Ergowear. You can now stop experiencing constriction, chaffing, and friction, and you’ll start feeling incredibly comfortable and smooth down there. The slight back coverage in this particular thong design connects from the waistband wrapping all the way to the front.

Only the finest fibers and materials are used in the production of every piece of FEEL XV clothing. Ergowear’s most popular and frequently requested goods are constthe Ergowear Feel thongs at the UNB Store ructed of this soft, quick-drying, and extremely elastic polyamide/elastane microfiber, which is created specifically for Ergowear.

This thong has a unique shape that makes it easy for body sweat to pass through the cloth and outward, and it also demonstrates our never-ending quest for better materials. This evaporation helps avoid stains while making it simpler to wash as it is swept away from the skin. This burgundy pouch thong has a modern style and ultra-modern fibers, making it suitable for use in any activity or season.

Get the Ergowear Thongs at the UNB Store.


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