Bluebuck Underwear


Bluebuck, a men’s underwear label based in the UK, is thrilled to introduce its Nautical collection of briefs and trunks. The brand is very passionate about designing products for the rugged and adventurous which are friendly to the environment. Through the use of renewable energies and organic cotton the label proves that cares for the nature as much as it does for you.

Bluebuck’s Nautical collection is the perfect choice for this season, with navy and soft summery colours as its highlights. The collection comes in two cuts, briefs and trunks, and various colours, iceberg green, ice blue, navy, white, grey and pink. To spice up the nautical look of the collection the brand has added either buttons or stripes to the underwear that will make you feel like a sailor on land. The items are 100% produced
in Europe, with the yarn and fabric made in Portugal, the supportive elastic waistband in Austria and the cotton label in Italy. Both briefs and trunks contain 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane and offer durability, softness, resistance and style. All underwear is offered in four convenient sizes to fit most (from XS to XXL in most styles).

The Nautical collection is ideal for the unashamedly masculine man who looks sexy without putting a lot of effort, and appreciates nature and outdoors activities. Bluebuck takes pride in creating classic underwear that will last and stay always in fashion, and of course will always be in stock for you to get more! The use of high quality organic cotton and renewable energy sources like the sun, wind and water allow the label to cut its carbon footprint and create strong, reliable, soft, fashionable and eco-friendly underwear all at the same time.

You feel naughty this summer and want to enjoy nature unabashedly in your underwear? The Nautical collection by Bluebuck gives you the choice to do it with no regret. Don’t miss it!

FXP_7914  shorty bleu cielBluebuck is for rugged and adventurous men. For those who are unashamedly masculine and live life to the full.” This is the way Bluebuck described their underwear to us. Its not a new brand. They have been around for a few years but we thought it was time we did a profile on the brand.

An Eco-Frindly Brand

One reason this brand may appeal to guys, outside the masculine design, is how eco-friendly the brand conducts its business.  “Bluebuck is a low carbon footprint product: we use only organic cotton, our factories are powered by renewable energies and are located in Europe.” Here is more detail about their eco-friendly

  • Our cotton is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any of the synthetic fertilisers and pesticides that promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The cotton is picked by hand, not with heavy machinery.
  • All the component parts of Bluebuck underwear are produced in Europe. The elastic waistband is made in Austria. The cotton labels come from Italy. The fabric is cut and assembled in Portugal. All components are moved by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than fuel-guzzling planes
  • Our factories in Austria and Portugal are powered by ‘clean’ energy from sun, wind and water, which allows us to cut our carbon footprint. 40% of the electricity generated in Portugal and 70% of the electricity generated in Austria come from renewable sources.

Now what about the underwear?

They have what they call permanent collections. The pairs that are around and part of their catalogue. They will add pieces to this collection when needed.

Classic Collection

If you are familiar with Bluebuck, we are sure you have seen the classic collection. It’s a basic collection in 7 different colors. They also come in tone on tone and white stitching. The white gives it a bit of pop. The styles in this collection are briefs, trunks, boxers and jockstraps. Each has the standard Bluebuck waistband.

Bluebuck Nautical

The Nautical is a newer line for Bluebuck. You would assume it’s strictly nautical stripes but this has a mix of solids and stripes. The waist band is a bit simpler than the Classic collection. Also in this collection is a pair of pink! The combination of pink and navy go well together. The styles in this are the same at the Classic. It’s a brief, trunk, boxer and jock.

T-Shirts & Vests

We don’t cover too many t-shirts and tanks. You can wear them with both collections, so you are not limited. Also, they are so well made you can wear them with your favorite jeans or shorts. Its great when you have a pair that can be an under shirt or just a t-shirt.

We hope you will look over Bluebuck and if you’re eco-friendly you definitely need to check out the brand. See more at the Bluebuck site.