Bwet Swimwear

This is the work Adrian did for personal trainer and nutritional coach, Sami Hossny. He’s wearing pieces from the 2018 RoofTOP Collection by BWET Swimwear.

Samy is 25 years old. He was born in Bulgary but he nows travels the world doing what he likes most, workout and calisthenics.

Photos: Adrian C. Martin (@adriancmartin)
Model: Sami Hossny
Swimwear: BWET (@bwetswimwear)

Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Spartan Race – Hong Kong’s longest, muddiest, and most thrilling obstacle course – is back with a vengeance, and so is BWET Swimwear! Last April, BWET – the original creator of high-quality city style swimwear for men – surprised thousands of Spartan racers by running a DJ shower station.

The 2017 Spartan Race promises to be the toughest yet, and for a bigger, rougher obstacle course, BWET Swimwear will be bolder, and its showering booth will be bigger – This year, BWET Swimwear will outfit its showering stations with soaped-up models holding water guns, tons of fun, and an exciting DJ for its bravest fans: the thousands of participants running in the Hong Kong 2017 Spartan Race!

BWET Swimwear is a Spanish brand, designed and developed for professionals by creative minds in Barcelona, and New York.

BWET Swimwear, the largest sponsor of the Hong Kong 2017 Spartan Race can’t wait to get out there. Can you?
We’ll see everyone who’s bold enough to BWET Saturday, November 4th, at the Kam Tin Country Club, in Yuen Long.

For an impression of the BWET shower experience at the last Spartan Race, follow this link

The RoofTOP Collection 2018 BWET Swimwear, the original creator of quality city style men’s swimwear, further advances the concept of integrating fashion and sports functionality with it’s new RoofTOP collection 2018. All BWET Swimwear offers extreme UV protection and is made with fast-drying high quality fabric.

Location: Mandala Huelva Mirador Lounge Club, Spain


  • @rubencastillero4 Mister International Spain 2017 – Rubén Castillero Juanes
  • @alexcifo5 Mister International Extremadura 2016 – Alejandro Cifo
  • @alejandrogc92 Mister International Las Palmas 2016 – Alejandro Gonzalez
  • @alexandercalvodiego Mister International Malaga 2017 – Alexander Calvo Diego
  • @alonso_th10 Mister International Melilla 2017 – Alonso Heredia
  • Mister International Girona 2017 – Efrain Batallé
  • @gabrielcarro Mister International Valladolid 2017 – Gabriel Carro Maeso
  • @joseppbatlle Mister International Barcelona – Josep Pérez Batlle
  • @rodrigoescanciano Mister International León 2017 – Rodrigo Escanciano
  • @victorglvz Mister International Andalucia – Victor Galvez Martin

Welcome to the RoofTOP – the very height of swimwear, by BWET.

When BWET Swimwear released its Poolside collection, it quickly became the go-to brand for modern professionals looking to make a lasting impression with their high-quality, urban-inspired swimwear.

So what’s next for BWET? To TOP that.

BWET Swimwear announces the release of RoofTOP, an energized, comfortable, and vibrantly coloured swimwear collection designed to give fans something to be daring in, no matter whose roof they’re topping.

The 2018 RoofTOP collection offers extreme UV protection, and is made from fast-drying, high quality fabrics that have proven BWET’s commitment in providing head-turning swimwear for its fans without sacrificing quality or comfort, ensuring a confident fit for years to come.

Like all of BWET’s swimwear, RoofTOP was designed in Spain, and will be available in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Photographer: Adrian C. Martin

Swimwear brand: BWET Swimwear
Collection: The RoofTOP Collection 2018
Location Café del Mar Meloneras, Las Palmas, Spain


@matasfleitas Javier Matas
@joseemanuel18  Jose Manuel Gonzalez
@zeusgonzalez_oficial Zeus Gonzalez
@moisesgarciasoto  Moisés García
@kevinjmorales  Kevin Morales
@texeneryy  Texenery Jiménez

“The Portside Collection” is four uniquely and dynamically designed swimwear identities, each one inspired by a famous ship. Whether it’s the Santa Maria’s spirit of adventure found in its vibrant colorful curves, The Victoria’s worldly aesthetic found in diverse color blocking with an international flair, The Mayflower’s bold daring found in its striking color stripe that’s a guaranteed head-turner, or The Eclipse’s relaxed, fun enthusiasm found in the playful and flattering colorful patterns.

BWet Swimwear

ACM_2393_5499We always enjoy getting pictures from Adrian C. Martin. This series sfeatures the swimwear from Bwet.

“I’m very proud of his work I did for the brand BWET and its 2017 Portside Collection.

The slogan for the collection is ‘Are You Bold Enough To BWET?’ so we tried something different this time in the streets of the city.”

The model is Roberto Carlos, he’s 25 yo and works as a gym instructor.
Photos: Adrian C. Martin
Model: Roberto Carlos (@robertocarlosrodriguezz)
Swimwear: BWET (
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands.


Adrian C. Martin has set his sights on Bwet swimwear! He shot two great models in this series. This is what he said about the shoot: “This is the work I’ve done for the PoolSide Collection by BWET. It was shot in Tenerife, Canary Islands. The models are professional swimmers and water polo players Tomas Perez and Jonathan Naranjo.”
Photos: Adrian C. Martin ( //
Video: Sergio Del Pino
Assitant: Diego Rodríguez
Models: Tomás Pérez & Jonathan Naranjo
Swimwear: BWET
Location: Taburiente Hotel, Tenerife, Canary Islands

drinkLast year we launched the Swim Brief Challenge. We will continue this again this year. But before we get in the full swing we thought we should give you guys a few suggestions for those who have never worn a swim brief in public. We aren’t going to list any super skimpy designs but some fuller cuts that you can build up your confidence before going full on swim bikini!

Pistol Pete Lifeguard BriefPistol Pete Lifeguard Brief – Pistol Pete has great swimwear! This pair is a fuller cut with 2 stripes on the side. Available in white, blue or red for $39.50

Perdition-FAronik Perdition. Aronik has amazing pics of their swim. They have some super fun prints but you can go classic with the Perdition. Perdition is a solid black swim brief for $92.00

Bwet Caledonia BriefBwet Caledonia – Not everyone wants a solid pair. You can show some personality and not go over the top with the Caledonia wish is a red/navy/white color block pair. 45 Euros-

dash-white-1_2Teamm8 Dash – They have created a simple yet amazing swim brief. This brief is higher cut on the thigh and is available in white, red, black, navy and pink. $59 AUD

csx77-signal_red-1CSX 77 Retro Swim Brief – This may seem an odd choice for a swim brief challenge but the new Cocksox. The CSX line has a full cut pair without the famous Cocksox pouch.It has a color stripe on the right hip. Available in white, black or red. $49.00

If you’re going to brave out in a swim brief this year let us know. If you are going to wear one and have question email us! We want more guys to wear them out in public. We are hoping to change public opinion on them!

We had a really amazing shoot this year. First off I want to thank our Sponsors, Clever Moda Masculine Underwear, Vuthy Sim Swimwear, Bwet Swimwear, N2N Bodywear, 2EROS and Manus Swimwear. We had a great day to shoot swimwear. Unlike previous years when we had rain and clouds. Our Photographer Ignacio Rivera Jr. out did himself with these pics.

Our three models were Matt, Derek and Martin. You have seen all of them before. Matt has been in two other shoots (Swimwear 2013 and Holiday 2013), Derek (July 2013 Baskit Shoot) and Martin (Holiday 2013) each have been in one other shoot. We def want to work with all of them again soon!

Clever Moda Masculine Underwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Clever 0574 Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk Color Black-Red
  • Matt (middle) is wearing the Clever 0578 Ipanema Swimsuit Trunk Color Black
  • Martin (right) is wearing the Clever 0579 Buzios Swimsuit Brief Color Black-Red-White

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Derek is wearing the Clever 0568 Brazil Swimsuit Brief

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Matt is wearing the 0577 Itacare Swimsuit Brief Color Green-White

Vuthy Sim Swimwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Martin is wearing the Vuthy 433 Bikini Asymetrical Swimwear Color Red-Gray

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Matt is in the Vuthy 411 Bikini Jellyfish Swim brief

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Derek is in the Vuthy 421 Square Cut Hibiscus Trunk

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Martin (left) is in the Vuthy 417 Bikini Old Glory Bikini
  • Derek (right) is in the Vuthy 434 Brief Patriotic Stripes

Bwet Swimwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Bwet Swimwear

  • Derek (left) is in the Bwet Soma Swim Trunk 14512 Turquoise
  • Matt (right) is in the Bwet Artchstone Swim Brief 14202 Orange/navy

UNB Swimwear Guide Bwet Swimwear

  • Matt is wearing the Bwet Atelier Swim Trunk 14701 Red

UNB Swim14-27

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Bwet Rushmore 14305 Red/Navy
  • Martin (rigth is wearing the Bwet Mima 14216 Black



UNB Swim14-28

  • Matt (left) is wearing the 2EROS Honolulu Ocean
  • Martin (right) is wearing the 2EROS Honolulu Sunset

UNB Swim14-32

  • Derek is wearing the 2EROS Geometric

UNB Swim14-37

  • Martin is wearing the 2EROS Tribe

N2N Bodywear

UNB Swim14-42

  • Martin (left) is wearing the N2N Bodywear Laguna Sport HP1
  • Matt (rigth) is wearing the N2N Bodywear La Cruze Purple LC1

UNB Swim14-46

Manus Swimwear

UNB Swim14-47

  • Mating (left) is wearing the Manus Tropical Macaw Print
  • Derek (middle) is wearing the the Manus Neon Yellow Swim Brief
  • Matt (right)  is wearing the Manus Leopard Face brief

Where to buy: