Jimaye Swimwear


We had a new swimwear brand contact us. I love bringing you guys new brands you may not have heard of before. I really like this brand called, Jimaye Swimwear. They have an interesting story and make some awesome swimwear. I asked them to send us some information about their brand and here is what they sent:

Jimaye Swimwear started because of my own struggles with swimwear. To start, I wanted swim briefs, which are not very common in the USA. Of the couple of brands in the USA that do swim briefs, they all had tacky designs, horrible fits, low-quality fabrics, or sold for $150 per brief. I didn’t understand why a little piece of fabric sewn together cost so much.

So I went on a mission to make it more affordable while maintaining quality, sophisticated designs, great fits, and then taking it one step further: Instead of giving customers one design, our reversible swim briefs give customers two designs. That means you carry less, buy less, pack less, but you have MORE. In addition, we created two fits: slim-fit and muscle-fit to cater to different body types. 

Recognizing that not everyone is ready for swim briefs, I decided to add a shorts collection. Like my briefs, I wanted my customers to be able to do more with one piece. I wanted it to be something people could wear in and out of the water so I made them stretch and styled in a way where they look sophisticated for a day on the town as well as a day on the beach.

This year our resort collection features textured swimwear! We just launched our velvet swim briefs and faux suede vers swim shorts. Velvet was a hot trend in women’s swimwear in 2017-2018 but it never made it to men’s swimwear, until now. Our velvet swim briefs collection is inspired by a crystal or gem and the healing powers they possess. Our faux suede shorts are super soft and the only shorts you will ever need. They truly are the definition of luxury. 

Lastly, we introduced leather crowns last month and did it like no one has ever done it before. It’s the perfect way to remind everyone in your life that you are royalty. 

I recorded a little audio diary about my first year of entrepreneurship that I just posted on my personal facebook. You can listen to it here if you are curious to learn more about who I am! 

Check them out at their Website.