Petit-Q Underwear


The boys at PetitQ are busy! They are one of the few brand that put out new collection every two or three months. I know the work that goes into collections coming out two times a year but we are on the 5th collection of 2018. Each collection comes with some super fun pieces of gear.

One thing that some of you guys will love about the new collection is the Mega Bulge collection. Those are in the main pic above. You can get the Mega Bulge in a brief, jock or boxer briefs. I know we have plenty of guys who love to show off! These will be great for a date night or under any jeans you want to ewar out!

Another thing that PetitQ is known for are harneses. They have embraced the style and are making it their own. They are putting the super fun and sexy PetitQ spin on the ones they are designing. Some have a traditional vibe, while others have the sexy and fetish spin of PetitQ. Either way you go you will have fun wearing these.

Beleive it or not these aren’t all the harneses in the collection. My personal favorite is hard to pick. I kind of what them all. This isn’t even all the harneese they have currently. You need to go check out the collection. I say just endulge your fetish side and have fun.

Check out the new collection at Candyman Fashion!


PetitQ is a brand that doesn’t sit still for long! They release new lines about every two months. The brand is also known for going outside the box, as to what men’s underwear is and is made of. It’s amazing what they come up with from bodysuits, bikinis, thongs, and harnesses.

This is an overview of the new collection

Pair: PetitQ PQ180602 Boxer Briefs Rider
Color: White
Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $31.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180602 Boxer Briefs Rider
Color: Black
Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $31.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180603 Bodysuit Aubin
Color: Black
Fabric: 98% Polyester 2% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $29.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180604 Jockstrap Colline
Color: White
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $24.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180605 Jockstrap Colline
Color: Blue
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $24.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180606 Thongs Colline
Color: White
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $21.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180607 Thongs Colline
Color: Blue
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $21.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180608 Bikini Colline 
Color: White
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $22.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180609 Bikini Colline 
Color: Blue
Fabric: 95% Modal 5% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $22.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180610 Jockstrap Adventure
Color: White
Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180611 Swim Briefs Torreilles
Color: Blue
Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $34.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180612 Swim Briefs Torreilles
Color: Blue
Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $34.48

Pair: PetitQ PQ180613 Harness Abellio Love
Color: Black
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Sizes: S/M, M/L
Price: $20.48

I purchased a Petit –Q Lace Thong Ornex Green for review

Rating: 7/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 6/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 6/10


  • The styling
  • The color
  • The lace fabric


  • The pouch size is too small
  • The lack of a form-fitting pouch
  • The strap connecting front to back is way too long

UNB Ryan recommendation: I thoroughly enjoyed trying the new thong line by Petit-Q and will be back in the future to try out some of their new styles. I really like the way the color of the lace stands out against my skin tone and the fact it is visibly see through for quite the surprise under your pants. I also like the dual strap design which isn’t seen too often in male underwear.

I ordered a pair of Petit-Q’s Lace Thong Ornex in Neon Green Lace because I was intrigued by the style and fabric pairing. This pair has a dual strap design that forms a thong rear that sits high on your booty and connects to a full coverage front. This was the first pair of Petit-Q that I purchased. I’ve been a long time stalker of the brand and their unique styles, but have been hesitant to purchase, as I wasn’t familiar with the brand. As I haven’t tried anything by them before, I don’t have a benchmark to compare them to, so I’ll have to just share my thoughts on these alone for now. I looked forward to this pair arriving in the mail as soon as I clicked the order button on the Petit-Q website. As I am an avid thong wearer, this pair wasn’t out of my realm at all and I felt it would be right up my alley.

I honestly didn’t do a whole lot while wearing this pair. I have worn around the house as loungewear, and under my slacks to work a couple of times, otherwise, I haven’t done anything very active in them. Once you get them pulled up and situated this pair feels very sexy due to the cut and lace construction. The dual strap design adds to the excitement I felt before and after pulling them on. While wearing them the only complaints I had was the way the strap connecting the front to rear is about an inch too long, and the pouch is a bit undersized and not as stretchy as I am accustomed to.

Petit-Q has done an outstanding job both designing and constructing this suit. The craftsmanship is world class and they have lived up to the expectation of quality I expected from a company of their stature. I was unable to see any shortcomings with the way this pair was put together. The fabric they chose for this pair is a brilliant neon green lace that is sure to stand out on any skin tone, and looks great with the dual straps that wrap around to the thong rear which leaves little to the imagination. And this is one of their more modest suits!

I bought the Thong Lace Ornex Green in a size small. Compared to industry standards, it is in line with most other size small underwear in the waist sizing. However, you need to be aware that they are a much higher cut than most men’s thongs, and will peek above your pants if you’re not careful. Also, the pouch is not very roomy (and I’m a modest average size down there) and is also connected fairly high on the front side. Your package will be pulled flat against your body rather than pushed out front like it is in a bulge pouch design.

In my opinion, this is a very well constructed thong that feels most at home in the bedroom. I would not want to wear this to the gym or for a run around the block because it was clearly designed to be lounge or sexy time wear. That being said, if this thong fits your description of a new, sexy style from an innovative designer, you will love this pair. Give Petit-Q a try whether it is with this pair or another of their offerings and you will not be disappointed!

BRAND: Petit Q
PAIR: Thong Lace Ornex Green
COLORS: Neon Green Lace
FABRIC: 92/8% Nylon/Spandex

COST: $16.90

Are you ready for some more PetitQ? The brand is back with their third line of 2018. Last year they released, I believe, 8 different collections. This is massive in the world of men’s underwear. Most brands released 2-3 collections a year. Talking with them, they are working hard to create some great gear! I think they succeed each release!

They love making sexy underwear without rules. This new collection has lace, harness and skimpy cuts. It’s what they are known for creating. This collection we are going to focus on a few pairs that I think you guys will love. However, there are a few more pairs in this collection.


Harnesses are one of the newest hottest things in the world of fetishwear. The new Harness Tarnios is pretty cool. It’s ring and elastic design has a bulldog harness design. It’s actually a really cool design. The rings are just in the front and side. The elastic forms the straps. I really like this design a lot! The Harness Tarnios retails for $29.95.


Looking for something with a bit more flair? Something with a pouch and some lace? The Bikini Ceyrat is perfect for you. The front is half lace with a pouch. The cutouts leave little to the imagination. The pouch on the left is blue and right is white. Imagine wearing this on a date night! The Bikini Ceyrat is available in Navy and White, retails for $17.90


You guys LOVE skimpy gear. Regardless of gay/straight it’s all about the skimpy and great fit. The Bikini Bastet is more of a jock thong. The front has the look of a bikini but the back is completely open with a strap down the middle. It’s a really cool design! It retails for $16.90 and comes in Navy.

Go to the PetitQ site to see more of the amazing pairs.

Is sexy and naughty two words you would use to describe PetitQ? I wouldn’t say as naughty but sexier for sure. The PetitQ guys really have hit their stride and have begun making super sexy and fun undies at a pace few other brands are matching. It’s just the third month of the year and we are already into the second collection of the year.

Their collection always consists of super skimpy briefs, thongs, and trunks. They also have two new harnesses in the collection. Fetishwear is going more mainstream. It’s not in every store across the land but it is more acceptable to wear on both sides of the sexual spectrum. I know we have several straight guys who want to explore this more… now if their partners were along for the ride.

Here are the new pairs that have been released!
























Want to shop PetitQ site or Candyman Fashion Site.

PetitQ last year put out, I think, 8 different collections. Each one built on the previous collection. We start off 2018 with a new collection. I wanted to focus on some of the lace pairs in this collection. PetitQ has always embraced lace in men’s underwear. This collection continues the Lace tradition.

Boxer Briefs Ereac – Some pairs have a little lace but this boxer brief is made from stretch material. The is lace and is semitransparent and a stretch material.Colors available in black or white.

Thongs Ornex – This is, mark my words, going to be one of the more popular pairs in the collection. This lace thong is super sexy and has a fun design. The lace pouch is semitransparent with the lace material. The two straps on the side give it a bit of a fem look that is so popular in men’s underwear. Colors available in black and green.

Harness Taranis – Harnesses are becoming very popular. I have seen more this past year than any year previous. They are starting to come in all shapes and materials. Lace is a new material that mixes with the masculine garment. PetitQ has created this pair to go with either pair above. The picture features the boxer brief. However, I could see this with the thong.

All pairs are made out of a Polyester/Spandex blend. Making them very form fitting. Lace has become a mainstay in the world of men’s underwear. The old rules of men’s underwear are out the window and brands like PetitQ are writing their own rules. PetitQ is really having fun and creating awesome undies for underwear lovers across the world.

If you love these make sure you go to the PetitQ site and check out the entire collection. We will bring you more about this line shortly! But enjoy these awesome lace pairs.

PetitQ is a brand that is not sitting still this year. This is their 8th collection they have released this year. That is almost a new collection every month. Which is A LOT! When the PetitQ boys released their line I hoped it wouldn’t be an over the top collection that ended. And it wasn’t. They have been going strong for a few years and I think we will see a lot more of their undies!

The brand has really grown. They have kept the super sexy cuts, see-through materials, and barely there designs. These things have become one of their signatures. Over the years they have used many different fabrics that you don’t think “men’s underwear.” I think the rules of men’s underwear have been broken! Brands like PetitQ are writing new ones where masculinity is defined by the wearer, not the materials. A perfect example of this is a guy can rock a pair of lace briefs and still feel masculine and like a guy.

This new collection has a theme of cutouts. The PetitQ boys you can tell have fun creating these collections. If you follow them on social media, you will see they wear their own undies. Also, in this collection are super skimpy cuts! Which I think is a staple of the brand. Here is an overview of the new pairs!




PQ171007 – Rosace Briefs

PQ171008 – Rosace Briefs

PQ171009 – W Thongs

PQ171010 – W Thongs


PQ171011 – Open Thongs – see site for images


PQ171012 – Open Thongs – See site for images

PQ171013 – Jockstrap

PQ171014 – Jockstrap

PQ171015 – Briefs

PQ171016 – Briefs

Check out the new collection an many of the older collections. You can go to the PetitQ international site or buy local in the US at Go have some fun and get some great undies.

The brand PetitQ has been producing a lot of undies this year. This is their seventh mini collection of the year. Most brands only put out 2-3 collections a year. Arthus & Nico have been doing an amazing job growing the brand collection over collection.

When PetitQ first came on the scene, they were about skimpy undies and mesh. While this is still part of their DNA, the boys have grown the collection. They are mixing the masculine and feminine. To me, the last few collections were mixing of Leather and Lace.

Meaning they are taking what are “classical” leather designs and mixing it with lace and other fabrics. This to me is genius. Underwear is about wearing what you feel sexy wearing day in and day out.

One example of this is the Hear Lace Bikini. My take is this is a jock brief that the PetitQ boys put their creative spin on. Mixing the lace in the front and back gives it a fun silhouette. Its available in black and white.

The Riscle Thongs is a new take on a thong. I feel there is an influence of Japanese or Chinese designers. I say this because of the way the back is designed. It’s not a traditional thong. They have created a unique and fun design in the back. Plus the pink color makes it POP!

Lastly, what could be considered classic PetitQ is Lapal Bikini. It’s a regular cut bikini with two colorful mesh side panels. This takes me back to their very first collection. Skimpy and mesh are still being made at PetitQ.

I love the designs the guys are coming up with, in their collections. I hope we will see a lot more creativity from the PetitQ boys. They are not making your typical designs, which is a good thing in the underwear world. See all of the collection at CandymanFashion.

We got a chance to ask the PetitQ boys some questions about their brand and new collection. We hope you enjoy

You guys have been releasing a lot more collections this year. Why have you been putting out collections about every two months? 

We release 8 collections a year in the US and even more in Europe. Starting next week, we will have new products every week on our European website. Now that we have our own sewing shop, it’s easier to release new products. We have so many ideas coming that 2 collections a year was not enough. I also think that the market has changed and online, people want to see new stuff all the time and not many brands are capable of doing it.

The new collection just released has some really sexy lace pairs. How do you transform a feminine fabric into something masculine?

I think that lace trend for men came from Europe where people take more risks and don’t care as much about what masculine should look like and you don’t need to be masculine to be a man. We have customers buying sexy lace thongs telling us their female sex partners love it. Lace is actually very comfortable and brings some softness. You can go 2 ways with lace. You can be very feminine with floral patterns, knots, bikini cuts. Or you can make it more masculine by using lace fabrics with more geometrics patterns and use it for men cuts. To make it look even more masculine, we like to mix it with a harder fabric like pleather like fabrics. This hard and soft mix gives a masculine refinement look.

Producing pairs with cutouts has been one of the signatures of PetitQ, You have a lot more pairs with cutouts? What inspires you to create these pairs? 

We do have a lot of cut-outs. In the front, in the back, on the sides. Everywhere. But actually, we rarely sketch products with cut-outs. But then when we try the prototypes, we’re like: ‘this should be open here’. We know some people don’t understand why an underwear should be open but it’s usually here to make the visible parts looking better and take all the attention. Trust us, people will look at your cut out and not at the few extra pounds you haven’t lost yet. Maybe we also have a butt fetish 😉

I love the new Harness in the collection. Especially the red are we going to see more designs featuring harnesses? 

Yes, we are going to see more harnesses coming. Honestly, we didn’t see that coming. We used to have many harnesses when we first launched in the US 5 years ago. It’s not easy to make harnesses size wise. You don’t want to have the elastics lose nor look like a roast beef. It took a while for us to be ready to do them by ourselves but now we have a whole collection ready and in production. It was pretty logical to make harnesses, many customers wear our underwear for parties and harnesses are like underwear for your chest, it’s here to show your body and show what you want 😉

You guys also wear your own underwear. I see you posting pictures in the gear online. Do you each have a favorite pair from the new collection? 

Yes, we have to wear our underwear. Even though we try the underwear on us when we do the samples, there are things you only realize when you’ve been wearing your underwear all day. It’s also like this that we find new ideas.

Arthus’ favorite is the Redon Brief, the one with the leather-like fabric and lace. The design on the back is really sexy and show just enough of skin

My favorite is the Corlier, it’s like a boxer but open on the back and sides. It also has that balance between the soft lace and the strong leather-like fabric. The pouch is not attached at anything under, like a slingshot, and I like that kind of pouches.

Why should guys wear PetitQ? 

If you want something different, playful and of good quality, you should definitely try some PetitQ. We have over 200 different designs, there will always be one that fits you. We really work around the male’s body.

Find the new collection at PetitQ