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If your aim is to impress then slip on our new Alpha Charlie Tactical Jockstraps and give them a show. If it’s not the awesome color combinations, it’s the roomy pouch and your bulge filling it up. And if even that weren’t enough: The pouch is made of a micro-mesh and it’s partially see-through. If all that doesn’t draw their attention, then check their pulse.

As mentioned, the solid pouch is mesh and incredibly soft. It’s perfectly contoured and along with the stretch means it’s damn comfortable. The 2 inch wide waistband is black with a striking constrating color sports stripe running horizontally through it. Dead center is an Alpha Charlie logo also in that contrasting color.

Finally, extra-soft three-quarter inch contrasting leg straps keep everything in place and along with the waistband frame your butt to perfection.

Our hunky bearded Bulgarian model Evan returns to put these hot new jocks through their paces.



Once again, we’ve had to restock our entire Alpha Charlie jockstrap collection. Luckily, we never have to wait long as Alpha Charlie is here in Toronto.

We’ve got close to 40 styles of AC jockstraps to choose from (and growing every week it seems). Everything from military inspired Basic Training jocks to modern day sports jocks they call Barracks. There’s even sexy camouflage jocks and a collection of neon mesh jock when you want to be noticed.

Be seen in something unique: Alpha Charlie is practically exclusive online at Jockstrap Central.


Immense Pleasure!

MODUS VIVENDI Pleasure Line and “The Unapologetic” Campaign has landed to fascinate you, captivate you and above all: fulfil you with pleasure! No matter how conservative someone is, they definitely seek for some pleasure in life. That’s human nature. MODUS VIVENDI Pleasure Line is designed for those who desire some thrilling sensations and an intensified “workout challenge”.

The ultimate sexual satisfaction of your senses, could take you beyond imagination. Specially made lust-inspiring designs to satisfy your most thrilling sensations. It’s not just a thong, it’s the absolute Pleasure. Pleasure yourself with these thongs, satisfy your ultimate desires and go beyond lust and fetish fantasies. A total MUST-HAVE thong if you feel like to take your fetish desires to the most ultimate level you have ever desired. Now fantasies have gone to a total different dimension. Time to get a taste!

In a great variety of fabrics and colors, choose the one that inspires you the most; allow maximum exposure of the body and feel completely free. This new selection of super sexy underwear can offer you the sense of reassurance that none knows about your fantasies, till you decide to reveal your secrets.

MODUS VIVENDI Pleasure Line & “The Unapologetic” Campaign is online and you can check it out here. All thongs are available at €35.00 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @panos.misailidis & p2photographygr / Campaign: The Unapologetic Campaign / Line: Pleasure Line  / Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Clever Moda makes underwear that is traditional and classic to the bold and sensual. Clever just dropped a new collection that is the perfect mix of classic and bold. This new collection has some classic cuts and bold fun prints. It’s pretty much everything you would expect from Clever.

While this collection is not extremely large it makes up for it with some of the designs. It’s definitely worth checking out and picking up a few pairs. The new collection is 20% off with code Oct22 at the UNB Store till Tuesday.

We are joined by Jay aka justanotherboyhere_ on IG. He is our third out of the US guy to join us. He hails from the Netherlands and we talk about how he fell in love with undies and especially his love of jocks. It was a fun show and we will have a lot more with him soon. 

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We get guys asking us all the time where are some great places to thong for the first time. After years of doing the blog, having great thonger friends, and the Thong Podcast, I have compiled five public locations where you can wear a thong and not bat an eye. 

These five locations consist of nude or gay beaches and allow people to be themselves and not judge others. Thongs can feel free to relax and not worry about negative comments about wearing a thong in public. 

Haulover Beach – Miami

Located in metropolitan Miami, just north of Bal Harbour, Florida, Haulover is a nude beach run by the Miami Dade Parks and Recreation department. 

Each year, the Sunsplash guys head over to Haulover to partake in the beach’s sun and fun. We have had many guys tell us this is one place they felt comfortable thonging for the first time. 

Address: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

Blacks Beach – San Diego 

Black’s beach is a nude beach located beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, San Diego, California. Getting to this beach is a bit of a hike, but from what guys have said about it, it’s well worth the trek. 

Black’s is similar to Haulover, a nude beach, but any swimwear goes here. JayinCa, who was on the podcast, got up the courage to thong here first. This is the beach he felt most comfortable. Dropping his shorts and allowing him to take his love of thongs to the next level. 

You also see so many pics on social media of guys in thongs on this beach. Even our own Erik goes here on a somewhat regular basis to thong! That makes this an excellent place to try a thong. 

Hollywood Beach – Chicago

Hollywood (Kathy Osterman (Hollywood) Beach) is a gay beach located at the northern end of Lincoln Park. This beach, unlike the other two, is not a nude beach. However, it’s known for guys wearing swim briefs and has recently become a great place to thong. 

Our on Chris goes here regularly in the summer and has spoken several times on how the number of thongers is growing. On the podcast with John, he took the plunge and went there for his first public thonging! The beach is welcoming to all.  

Las Vegas Casios – Las Vegas

When I mention Las Vegas, my favorite city, it may seem crazy that you can get away with thonging by the pool. But, we have had so many guys tell us they thonged in many of the hotel pools, and there were no problems. This would be a location for those who are a little bolder because there may not be any other male thongers around!  

Some of the places we know guys have thonged are: 

  • Flamingo
  • Luxor (Temptation Sundays)
  • Wet Republic
  • Caesars
  • Linq. 

I’m sure you can do more, but we have seen guys posting pics poolside or telling us they were thonged and had no issues. 

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast in Jalisco state. PV has become a very hot gay beach. This is an excellent option if you want to go out of the country and try thoning around no one you know! 

However, it’s not the cheapest option. But if you go during one of the Holiday weekends (Labor Day, Memorial Day, ETC), you will be surrounded by many guys thonging or in swim briefs. With that many guys wearing smaller swimwear, you will get lost in the crowd, and no one will point or make snide comments about a thong; you will fit in quite nicely. 

These are by no means the definitive locations for first-time thonging. I would welcome any suggestions you have for our readers. These five have come up over and over in the past. Please send us your suggestions or experiences thonging for the first time at any of these locations. 

We bet you’ve got a bit of a wild side.Almost everyone does.

So, strip down and show off your wild side in our WildStripes collection.

We set a fun multi-colored stripe pattern on unbleached premium cotton and spun in a little elastane to give it some stretch for superior fit and feel.

The brief, low-rise trunk and boxer brief are all trimmed in a cool blue hem and set below our signature logo waistband. Grab the matching tank top for lounging around in style too.

Get wild in WildStripes. Get the Wild Stripes Trunk for just $12 Today

JOR Is a brand that has really come on strong in the last few years. They were always around but they were just “ok.” In the last few. years they have brought their A-game and made such amazing prints, colors, and fabrics. This new collection keeps building on the previous collections with continuations of the EROS line and introduces new pairs.

One area I think that JOR is severely underestimated is in their Activewear. They make some really great runners, joggers, tanks and shirts. I don’t see a lot of it in the marketplace. They make traditional black but have made some amazing colors. However, I’d love to see their prints in activewear! Here are some of the new JOR for you to consider.

Trapped into mess!

Do you seek for some transparency in your underwear? Do you also love the feeling of cotton on your body? Are you searching for this special undies which can fulfil both desires? We’ve got you covered! 

MODUS VIVENDI presents Mesh Line & “The Entrapped” Campaign, which can truly combine the elements of comfort and sauciness. Based on the monochromatic trend, all underwear styles of the line feature some revealing fishnet fabric panels and offer absolutely minimum coverage. Mesh Line is all you ever wanted. The ultimate c-through design which is the epitome of sexiness. You don’t want to miss it!

The available black and khaki colors have some clear references to the army fetish. Choose the cut that suits you more, enjoy the comfort you deserve and in the meantime, dare to be different underneath your clothes!

Mesh Line is part of our responsible edit, knitted according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard 5.0) and under dyeing, washing procedure, complied with the OCS (Organic Content Standard 2.0). Sustainability is here to stay and MODUS VIVENDI wants to be part of it. Line comprises of classic briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, tanga briefs, bottomless & t-shirts.

So, it’s about time to make a little mes(s)h!

MODUS VIVENDI Mesh Line & “The Entrapped” Campaign is online and you can check it out here. The products of the line are available from €26.00 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @panos.misailidis & p2photographygr / Model: Thodoris Lampiris @thodoris_lampiris / Campaign: The Entrapped Campaign / Line: Mesh Line  / Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

No matter what your skin color, the « Red Dahlia » collection will illuminate your body in the most beautiful way. Its beautiful and sparkling red will captivate and attract all eyes.

In red Italian lace with lush floral and botanical details, the pieces in this collection are so comfortable that they all fit like a second skin thanks to their thoughtful, form-fitting cut.

Pretty and delicate, this flowery collection has everything it takes to seduce you as well as your partner.

The transparency so sensual and tinged with elegance by its beautiful patterns will make these pieces the perfect partners for your intimate moments.

Made in Portugal with Italian embroidered lace, the “Red Dahlia” collection, consists of a striptease thong, a micro brief, a shorty push up, a t-shirt and finally a body string.

Model: @jonzu Photographer @sandeepparis

We have our very first spandex show! I have three amazing spandex studs on the show, Brad aka Muscledogslayer, Jeff aka TightsinDallas, and Indigo aka Indigothehimbo. These three guys are no stranger to wearing spandex to the gym. They give you advice about what to wear, what they wear under and a few different suggestions for the guy starting out in spandex. 

It’s a good convo and we want to do a part 2 so let us know what you would like to hear more about spandex and the gym! 

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Over a week ago, I learned that Joe Snyder was ceasing production for a “personal reason.” And they are selling off their entire stock, according to an email Andy shared with me. (see below)

I haven’t posted anything about it because I have been trying to reach out to several of my sources to see what is going on. I mean, it would be a shame for them to end entirely, we have had so many iconic brands in the world of undies go out of business, and for many thongers, this is not good news.

The first person I contacted was unaware of the email or the cease of production. They had no clue what was happening or why it was happening. This person deals with Joe Snyder directly. I reached out to a few other people, and it was a mystery as to why it was happening and how long it will last.

Let me be clear I haven’t heard anyone come out and say the brand was closing for good. However, if you want Joe Snyder and love it, buy it now because I have not been able to get a time frame for when it will be back in production. Many love the brand, and it’s your go-to thongs. I was going to suggest alternatives, but thongs to many guys are personal and have specific criteria they want in the thongs.

As I find out more info, I will share it here and on my Twitter “UnbTim.” If you know anything about the brand, email me or hit me up on Twitter. We have lost UnderGear, Prevail Sport, and more! Let’s hope we don’t lose another iconic underwear brand.

In the meantime

  • If you love the brand buy what you can in your favorite style or color
  • Prices on eBay will go much higher than they currently are after production stops
  • Follow me on Social and I will keep you posted with updates as I hear them
  • Shop smaller stores for Joe Snyder, they may have inventory longer than larger brands and the official sites ( and US sites)