Blue Collar Underwear


blue-collar-underwearI love bringing you guys new underwear companies. It’s one of the things I love to do, and know we haven’t done so much lately but Blue Collar Underwear is one of the first companies we will be profiling. We will be doing a more in depth interview with them but wanted to give you guys an overview of the company.

Blue Collar is starting out small and will grow. They mainly have trunks and briefs currently. The pairs have cool colors and great contrasting trim. As you see above they use yellow/black, white/blue, blue/black and more. The one thing that really intrigues me is the pouch. I love a great pouch and these look like they paid attention to how they fit a guy.

We got to talk briefly through email and here is what they told us:

Blue Collar Underwear began as idea between My Business Partner and I over a dinner table after a day of work. We started this company to revolutionize the way you feel about your underwear and the way your underwear feel and look on you. Our goal with every pair of underwear is to bring functionality, fit, feel, comfort, quality and affordability back to the underwear industry. And we’re doing so without sacrificing style. So often, we see nice underwear, but cost more than we would care to spend.  With Blue Collar underwear you get the best of all worlds……….Blue Collar Underwear = Comfortable, Stylish and Affordable  with a tailored fit + Made with the finest fabrics

We started out by first identifying who we are as a brand and what we stood for and creating our designs around that. We’ve always been people who were very in tune with our artistic sides and have always had a keen eye and a slight obsession with fashion and underwear. It only made sense that we share that obsession with the world.

Find them at http://www.bluecollarunderwear.com