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PrintC-IN2 updated it’s Pop Colors line this week. As many of you know its updated seasonably through out the year with great new colors. This year however, the big color is purps! Which is purple out there for the less hip! I personally love having purple as a color in underwear. Its not a traditional men’s color. I mean if we can have pink undies, we should have purple!

This maybe my new favorite pair out now. I love the color coordinated waistband as well! C-IN2 does an amazing job at underwear. It’s always well made and holds up wash after wash. Purple isn’t the only color in the Pop Color fresh, the other colors are Pikante, Skydrive and Wink.

The styles the new Pop Colors are Jock, Lo-No Show Brief, Sport Brief, Profile brief, Lo-No Show Trunk, Square Cut Tank and Deep V Tee. One thing you will notice the Jock is now the same design as the Grip Jock that hit the market last year. It’s one of the best takes on a jock I have seen in a while.

If you’re a fan of C-IN2 then check these out!

brandon-cin2When you have as much underwear as I do, it is difficult to come up with the one pair that you’d place above all the others, but I think the underwear a man wears can really offer a window into who he is as a person. Of course, I have several favorites when it comes to underwear, but there is one that stands out to me every time I get them on.

My first pair of briefs were the long-since discontinued Neon Sport Brief from 2xist. Not too long after that collection sold out, 2xist started to venture away from their sport brief style altogether. But as they were phasing it out, C-IN2 added a sport brief to all of their new lines, and it looked strikingly similar to 2xist’s design (probably not a surprise as C-IN2 was founded by former 2xist founder Gregory Sovell) but it was a much better pair overall.

The reason I’m still falling in love with the C-IN2 Sport Brief is that it seems as if it were designed with my body type in mind. Being well-endowed, the most important thing to me about a pair of underwear is how well the pouch can contain my boys while offering them a good level of support. The pouch on the C-IN2 Sport Brief is deeply contoured as a result of the briefs design, which mimics the extremely high-cut leg openings of a jockstrap. Like most well-endowed guys, I’ve mostly defaulted to underwear brands that utilize an “Anatomical Pouch” but the reason I chose this pair over any of the dozens of pairs with an anatomical pouch is the quality in construction of these briefs. The cotton is incredibly soft, and it’s also thick, but breathable. The elastic used to frame the brief is incredibly sturdy, which provides support that no pair of anatomical briefs could dream of doing, but it also frames an athletic bubble butt like mine perfectly.

C-IN2 is a member of what I call the “Big Three” in designer underwear. They are here to stay and thankfully, so is their Sport Brief.



The Grip line is one of the newest and most popular lines from C-IN2. The Grip line is made for high performance activities. The cotton fabric is treated and will dry 50% faster then untreated fabric. So, if you’re looking for new work out underwear, this is the line to check out! The jock was a redesign on a classic and was one of the best selling jocks of last year.

The colors for the line have just been refreshed. The new colors are Black with blue accents and Smoke Grey with red accents. If you remember the previous line the colors were Navy and White.

Styles the colors are available in are Grip Jock, Grip Profile Brief, Grip Punt, Grip Cycle, Grip Compression, Grip Arm Show and Grip Crew Neck.

The line was just released and is now out at the C-IN2 website



I love working with Mens Underwear Store. They are a retailer, in the last year,  that we have been working with on many projects. They approached us about doing a review and the pair they furnished was the C-IN2 Hand Me Down Brief. I got the pair and the first thing I noticed was a new package. C-IN2 has created a new package for online retailers. It’s smaller and easier to mail. Which is a good thing on shipping costs.  This may not seem like a sexy thing but its great to know companies are taking shipping and recycling into account for the public.

The pair itself had a burn our type of material, meaning it was sort of see through. But not so see through to make it wild.  The color was the second thing I noticed. I’m not really a fan of brown underwear. It’s just a personal thing with me. I prefer much brighter color underwear. This how ever won’t interfere with my review. The pair itself felt really good. I wore it to work for the day. I was super excited to try these. The fit was better then I expected. I have had plenty of C-IN2 but this one had a fit that lives up to the name Hand Me Down. The distressed cotton felt like it had been a pair of mine for a while. It just felt amazing. This was the first time I had any from this line and won’t be the last time I get some!

During the day the pouch felt great and didn’t constrict or bind.  The brief held it’s shape and felt as good at the end of the day as the beginning. I definitely think this will be good for office days and also active days.

Sizing fit me pretty well in this pair. I think, and I’m still trying to confirm it, that the sizing for C-IN2 has changed over the years. If I remember correctly it was typical sizing for the US, but this pair I received was an XL and fit my 36/38 waist perfect. I have reviewed some other pairs that were Large and they didn’t fit as well.  Large is listed as 34-36 and extra large is 37-39. So make sure you pay attention to the sizing chart when buying your pair.

Things I loved about this pair are quite a few things. The first is the fabric. C-IN2 has done a great job picking this fabric (60% cotton/40% Polyester). The first time I put it on it reminded me of some of my favorites that have that broken in feel. Its one of the few times I have put on new underwear and this has happened. Next is the pouch. Too many times I get a pair of underwear only to have the pouch not fit right, be too small or bind me. This one did none of those things.  The last thing I liked that I didn’t think I would be was the waistband. It was a little thick and rough at first. But after I put it on it felt great and didn’t bind or roll.  Whereas, the only negative of the review was the color of the brief. Which is really minor but it won’t stop me from wearing it.


  • Incredible Fabric choice from C-IN2
  • Great contour pouch
  • Comfortable waistband


  • Color and that’s just a personal preference


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 10
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.2


Mens Underwear Store furnished this pair for review. It retails for $22.00 and is available in 9 colors. I reviewed the Voodoo.

E.Blast-(layout)C-IN2 has refreshed their Filthy line with brand new colors. This has been one of their more popular lines in recent years. Each pair is different because the filthification process. This is accomplished by  hand rubbing each pair with dye to give them a unique look on the textured fabric.

The new colors are Pink Cheeks, Ash Grey and Abyss (Blue). Each one comes in five styles. The Jock, Lo No Show Profile Brief, Lo No Profile Army Trunk, Punt, Tank and Dep Vee Neck. All these are made out of 97 Cotton; 3 Spandex/Elastane/Lycra blend.

If you’re interested in checking these out go to the C-IN2 Website. Images of each color and style below.

cin2-fitly-jockcin2-Filthy-Lo-No-Show-Profile-brief Cin2-filthy-lo-no-show-army-trunk cin2-filthy-puntcin2-filthy-tank cin2-filthy-deep-vee-neck


c-in2-dip-dye-street-jockThe Underwear of the week this week is the C-IN2 Dip Dye Jockstrap. There is something about this line that is fun. It was just released yesterday and you will be able to find it at some of your favorite retailers. One of my favorite things about this are the Waistbands. They are made to match the colors in the underwear. Note the Green and white, very cool to see a company pay this much attention. C-IN2 refreshes this line seasonally. So these won’t be around long.

Other reasons why this is our underwear of the week

  • Available in Techno Purple, Raging Teal, Blaze Red and Lazurite Blue
  • There’s truly a limited supply.
  • Always on trend, a secret splash of color that you choose to show
  • 100% Cotton
  • Available from the C-IN2 website for $17.00

Find the Dip Dye Street jock and other items in the Dip Dye line at the C-IN2 site

c-in2_fw13_1526_techno_purple_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_raging_teal_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_blaze_red_f_dip_dye_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap c-in2_fw13_1526_lazurite_blue_f_gradient_mens_underwear_street_jock_strap

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E.Blast-(layout)C-IN2 has released a refresh of the C-IN2 Zen line. The Zen line is their “most comfortable breathable underwear” and we agree with that statement. The new colors are Electric Ice, Voodoo (dark blue), Violet Heather and Froth Heather. All really great colors for this refresh.

The new colors are across all styles, Street Jock, Active Sport, Slider, Punt, Army Trunk, Tank and V-Neck Tee. Below are pics of each of the lines in order We will have all the individual pics on our Facebook page!

If you are a fan check go shop and pick up some great undies!


c-in2-zen-sliderc-in2-zen-punt  c-in2-zen-army-trunkc-in2-zen-tank