Color Vibe Brief


8-1-13-2Andrew Christian is no stranger to making underwear that guys want. The Almost Naked and Trophy Boy are two of my favorites. However, his undies can get expensive fast, but it doesn’t have too! This is where the Color Vibe line comes in! The Color Vibe is a more affordable line that they have released in the last year or so. When I talked to Andrew in Vegas he said it was important to make underwear for everyone, not for guys who could pay $40 a pair.

The Color Vibe:

  • Is no available in Black Ink
  • Has a new Andrew Christian signature waistband
  • Leg are trimmed with a red accent
  • Anatomically correct underwear with fun snuggle fit
  • Fabric – Made from 100 % super soft cotton
  • Sizing – Small – XL

The Black Ink Color Vibe is available at the Andrew Christian website for $13.93.

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