Hand Me Down Collection



If your’e a fan of C-IN2 you no doubt know the Hand Me Down line. If you don’t know the line, its a line that is made with a “distressed” fabric to feel like it’s been handed down. I was skeptical about the line but I tried a pair and it felt really great. It lived up to what they said. It was like I put on a pair i have had for years.

The new refreshed line features a Charcoal and Grey stripes. When I talked to Greg at C-IN2  a few weeks ago, I wondered if the line would be too dark. But after seeing the pics on the site. The colors are: Blazer (orange), Dark Dizzy (red/maroon), Wax Pear (green/yellow) and Wink (Aqua/blue). The names brands come up with just are amazing lately. I am loving the creativity they are using.

They are in the usual styles you would expect from C-IN2, but the one style I don’t remember seeing is the Boxer. Granted, many of our readers don’t care for boxers but it could be great for lounging at home.

Should you get some C-IN2 Hand Me Down? I say yes without a doubt. It’s some of the most comfy undies I have owned and I love the stripes. Find these and more at the C-IN2 site.



This new C-IN2 collection reminds me of that pair of underwear that you have had and just fits so well you don’t want to get rid of it. You will wear it till it’s worn out, faded and the only way you will get rid of them is if they are literally falling apart.

C-IN2 released a new line called Hand Me Down. The collection is a vintage athletic style. It comes in four styles; a Brief, No Show Army Trunk, Lo No Show Brief and a Running Boxer.  They currently have 3 colors as well, blue, green and orange.

I am a fan of C-IN2 and think they do some great undies. Some of my favorites from them are the Bamboo Collection. The washed out colors is something I haven’t seen much in the world of men’s underwear. I think it’s a great new concept.

The one thing I am really loving in underwear right now is the creativity that is happening. The whole Hand Me Down is something I think very few companies have thought of, and C-IN2 isn’t one company that stands still. They have created and continue to create some of the best men’s underwear around. I am not one for plain simple undies. Granted they have their place, but its great to have options in what you wear.

I hope we get to see more creative undies from C-IN2 soon. I hope we will get to review these for you soon. I will keep you posted when we get them and when the reviews will be up!

What do you think about this collection? Let us know if you think C-IN2 has a hit or a miss! Post a comment and we’ll talk more in the comments!