If your’e a fan of C-IN2 you no doubt know the Hand Me Down line. If you don’t know the line, its a line that is made with a “distressed” fabric to feel like it’s been handed down. I was skeptical about the line but I tried a pair and it felt really great. It lived up to what they said. It was like I put on a pair i have had for years.

The new refreshed line features a Charcoal and Grey stripes. When I talked to Greg at C-IN2  a few weeks ago, I wondered if the line would be too dark. But after seeing the pics on the site. The colors are: Blazer (orange), Dark Dizzy (red/maroon), Wax Pear (green/yellow) and Wink (Aqua/blue). The names brands come up with just are amazing lately. I am loving the creativity they are using.

They are in the usual styles you would expect from C-IN2, but the one style I don’t remember seeing is the Boxer. Granted, many of our readers don’t care for boxers but it could be great for lounging at home.

Should you get some C-IN2 Hand Me Down? I say yes without a doubt. It’s some of the most comfy undies I have owned and I love the stripes. Find these and more at the C-IN2 site.




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