Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez - I luh Ya Papi (Music Video)We did the Swim Brief Challenge this year to bring awareness to men’s swimwear. Its something the general public needs to be made aware of! I have had conversations about this to both gay and straight readers. I always get asked, why is it that the media and such an objectify women but never men?

In perfect timing Jennifer Lopez puts out a video that does just that. At the beginning of the video they are running through concepts and they finally say “If Jennifer was a man you would have her in a mansion or yacht with scantily clad women running around” why can’t we do that with guys? And they did just that!

They show here with men in swim briefs and underwear. I think it’s awesome, because how many times do you see something shot in America with guys in swim briefs? I would say never unless it’s something like a Borat style humor. This is turning the tables and showing that its cool to have men show off!

We don’t normally cover stuff like this but its a step in the right direction for men’s swimwear to reach a bigger market. Will it be part of a bigger trend? I don’t know but it will get people talking!

Watch the video: