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We rave about the Todd Sanfield Underwear collection. It’s one of my favorites in my underwear drawer. It’s just well-made and feels fantastic. He has just dropped his new swimwear line for 2023, featuring some unique colors and a new style! I won’t focus on all the new colors in every style, but I know thongs are hot, and those will be pictured. But check out the Todd Sanfield site for all the fun new swim.

Here are some new colors and prints/stripes for the new collection. The new colors are bold and fun. I know the pink (or Lotus) will be a fantastic seller. Also, the prints and stripes are for those guys who want something different on the beach. I think there are many of you out there who will love these new colors.

The new style is the Low Tide Swim Brief. This brief has a full back, as you can see, and string sides are similar to a string bikini or a tanga with a small waistband. I think this will be super popular as well. I know so many out there love minimal and barely there swimwear. This is perfect for the guy who may not want to go full-on thong and still wants to show some skin.

Check out the entire swimwear line at the Todd Sanfield Site.

It may not seem it in places, but swimwear season is approaching. It’s time to start picking out what you want to wear to have fun in the sun. One Company that I enjoy is Smithers; I have two pairs that I wear during the summer. However, they just dropped The Protagonist Houndstooth Navy & Oat.

I love the houndstooth print in this pair; making it blue adds some fun. The team is a perfect mix of classics. and fun. Here is what Smithers says about the pair:

The houndstooth swimsuit is one of five new designs from The Protagonist series by Smithers. The 2023 men’s swimwear collection is one of our finest collections to hit the market. The Protagonist series takes classic business suit prints and transforms them into a swimsuit! Houndstooth is an elevated pattern that has stood the test of time and we see it here on the classic swim briefs in two colourways; navy and oat and sky blue and white. Take your pick!

Get this pair for $55 at the Smithers Site.

Inspired by the athleticism and professionalism of elite athletes, all eyes will be on SPORTSMANSHIP this summer, the third range by Smithers Swimwear.

Celebrating the notion “faster, higher, stronger” and commemorating the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Movement the SPORTSMANSHIP range is ready, set, go!

Smithers will host an online pre-sale event exclusively for subscribers commencing

October 1st – 6th as a warm-up to the official launch on October 7th.

Customers will have the opportunity to purchase the 3 new prints Citius, Altius, Fortius – each available in two distinct colourways.

The classic swim briefs feature sharp, masculine lines that flatter the form without

compromising on style. The sophisticated prints are homegrown using high performance compression fabric

that is breathable and moisture-engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

“The unique point of difference for Smithers is the brand’s sophisticated approach to men’s swimwear. I wanted to create a brand that is both simple and classic but has a strong emphasis on quality in both the design and the construction of the garment. The origins of production are a reflection of this, with everything designed and manufactured right here in Sydney.” – Jake Smith, Founder & Designer

Discover SPORTSMANSHIP; an elevated swimwear range designed for the high achiever.

Swim thongs are increasing in popularity every month I think. More guys are wearing them and if you take a look through IG and twitter, you see more and more guys wearing them to the beach, pool, and to lay out in. The newest company that has put out a swim thong is Timoteo. They have done it in Timoteo style.

There are four different prints for the Capri swim thong. The colors are Leopard Blue, Palm Sunset, Zebra Pink, and Zebra yellow. My personal favorite is the Palm Sunset!

The thongs also have a 1 inch side and a fully lined pouch. There is no tie in the waistband like most thongs is an elastic waistband.

Leopard Blue

Palm Sunset

Zebra Pink

Zebra Yellow

PAIR: Timoteo Capri Swim Thong
COLORS: Leopard Blue, Palm Sunset, Zebra Pink, and Zebra yellow.
FABRIC: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $39.00

Turlock&Co. Season 2 – Capitola Sunset

Turlock & Co has a new collection, which is a second installment of the Capitola Series. This is collection is the Capitola Sunset and it contains  6 additional prints to showcase the Art Deco and Coastal style of Capitola California. Turlock & Co have kept with their same cut and refined drawstrings but added geometric, natural, and striped patterns.

Here is what they told us about collection and the awesome shoot they did:

This season we decided to take our shoot away from the beach and shot at a beachouse, to get some strong contrast of white buildings and colourful prints,  We also used new Model Perry Lewis Smith. on instagram.  Fit and lean with amazing blue eyes, and we will see the return of Mitchell @mitch_fit_model in a few weeks time, 

We have upped the game with a re-tweaked logo and graphic design features and our new colour of Navy Blue.

The best news is that later this year we will expand our range. New low cut block colours are on their way, and 6 pairs of new swim shorts.  The shorts are great. they will have 4 way stretch, lightweight materials that dry quickly but the best part is they have an elastic waist band in the back and standard waistband with loophole ties in the front. we did this to accommodate boys with big thighs and smaller waists however the fit is great for anyone!  they will be well priced at about 45.00 USD.

Check out the new collection at the Turlock & Co website.  

 If you are looking for Classic and Basic swimwear pieces you are going to love this.

Swimwear made Easy with minimal briefs, boxers and shorts. If you don’t know where to start this summer, start with the Classic & Basic Collection. 

Top off your favorite swimwear with show-stopping pieces for exceptional style without sacrificing your sassiness.

The Basic & Classic line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts, Trunk Boxers.

I love swimwear that is bold and fun. I am not one for always wearing solids. Nothing wrong with that and yes I have some, but I love creative prints and fun. One company that does it is Yes I am. I wanted to profile a few of my favorite suits

Leo on Fire – This brief is amazing. The leopard print has fire on the back. I just thought it was something new and fun.

Sunset Pink Brief – Pink swimwear is always hot. Something about it that I just love and have worn a few times. I need more. This print is whimsical and fun

Lollipop Brief – I am a sucker for this pair, LOL sorry for the pun. But the lollipop print is amazing. At first I thought it was cherries but nope. I top my hat to the designers because it’s awesome.

Leo Blue Brief – Who said you had to do literal animal print? This blue leopard is super hot and we may find more fans of the animal prints.

These are just a few of the amazing prints and pairs. Go to their site and check out everything.

JOR furnished the 1028 Shark Swim Bikini for review. All opinions are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10


  • Fun print
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Stylish bikini cut


  • Sizing
  • No drawstring
  • Letters/numbers printed on back won’t be for everyone

If you’ve listened to the most recent UNB Podcast, you’ll know that summer swimwear season is NOT canceled. So what better time to review a new swim bikini, right before the summer heat arrives!

The first thing I noticed about the JOR 1028 Shark Swim Bikini was how soft it felt. If you’re going to lounge by a pool or catch some sun in your backyard, this would work well for an afternoon in the sun.

The second thing I noticed is the bikini cut. The style is just a bit skimpier than a tradition swim brief, both my package and butt were covered, there’s just a little sexy hint of butt cheek sticking out. This is right up my alley, but some may prefer to opt for a fuller swim brief cut.

I love the design of the pouch. It is styled to appropriately hold a man’s equipment, without being obscene. I think it has the right balance of sex appeal, while still being something you could wear on a crowded beach (if that ever becomes a thing again). Some may want a little extra room, but I felt that everything fit nice and snug, which I personally like.

One of the downsides of this bikini comes to the sizing. While everything was able to fit in, I felt as if I was just barely fitting in….the pouch, the back, the sides. Admittedly, the quarantine has added on some pounds, so I won’t deduct too many points for that. I know that some prefer to go up a size in JOR, so my advice is to look closely at the size chart. If you’re towards the top of a size range, you may consider going up, if you don’t want an overly snug fit. Be careful not to go up too high though, as there’s no drawstring to help hold things in if it’s too big.

Finally, let’s talk about the print itself. The name may confuse you at first, or at least it did for me because I thought this was a camouflage print at first. Look closely though and you’ll see the sharks in the design. It’s a fun print overall, though I’m personally not a huge fan of the lettering and numbers on the back.

Overall, this is a great bikini with great design and construction. Spend a little time reviewing their size chart to ensure you get the right fit, and you’ll be set!

PAIR: JOR 1028 Shark Swim Bikini Printed

COLORS: Camouflage Shark Print, though other swim bikinis are available

FABRIC: 87% Polyester 13% Spandex

SIZES: Small – X-Large

COST: $46.00

Swim thongs are now one of the must have pairs for summer. Guys across the spectrum are embracing the swim thong. Which is awesome because it gives guys more options for swimwear and out of the boring board shorts. One company that released a massive collection is Rick Majors at International Jock.

The new Rick Majors collection has 21 new swim thongs. This is the largest collection of swim thongs this year. The new swim thongs come in solids, Patterns/Prints, Animal Prints, and florals. It’s an incredible collection, and if you don’t find a thong you love, then I don’t know what to tell you.




Animal Print



Swimwear season is not canceled only delayed. We will have a summer and we will need amazing swimwear and one company making amazing swimwear is N2N Bodywear. They just released a whole set of printed swimwear. The best thing is you can get it in a bikini, string, and a thong! I admit I”m a sucker for matching swimwear. You can shop these all at N2N Bodywear. Here are all the prints:

Millennium Print

Summer Funday Print

Paradise Print

Shades Print

Get all these at the N2N Bodywear site.

Wrap yourself in Luxury this summer with the Tyres swimwear.

Inspired by the line that separates the Greek blue sea and the sky the Tyres line is a testament to endless sunshine, playful waves, and refreshing seawater. Relaxed shiny silhouettes meet luxe materials for looks that are unpretentious yet polished. Top off your favorite beach looks with show-stopping swimwear for exceptional style without sacrificing comfort.

The Tyres line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts & Trunk Boxers.

The Modus Vivendi Tyres swimwear features a swimwear that sits low on the hips and has a branded press stud on the front. Made from fast drying, embossed shiny foil, this sexy swimwear has printed fabric all over. The Breton striped branded print, offers an extra flattering look. Available in black, white and blue-white this Greek style-inspired design adds that luxury element to your beach look. Fall for swimwear that speaks Island style.

The Modus vivendi Tyres lines in available from 49 euros

Want to really impress this summer? Minimalist swimwear with architectural details is the answer.

The Labyrinth line is inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minautor. A tale of love, betrayal, hope, drama and freedom. These are certainly many paths one can follow to be happy but there is only one that makes us happy without harming anyone around us. 

The Labyrinth design is here to make you shine on the beach or pool but also as a reminder of the hardships we encounter on our way to freedom and happiness. 

Kill your inner demons and sail away in style. The Labyrinth line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Trunk Boxers, Shorts & Towels

European lifestyle brand WAPO is here with new photo shoot by Australian photographer Jarrod Carter

Fitness model Mayapur is wearing selection of swimwear by WAPO, from tropical  prints of “Night Flower“, tribal “Safari” , elegant “Exquisite” and “Caesar” to sporty “Freestyle” and vibrant “Digital

Visit and check out over 70 swimwear designs, sunglasses and jockstraps.

Now special discount and free shipping worldwide!

Stay ahead of the style crowd and shop the brand new MV Jeans swimwear before anyone else.

Inspired by the classic five pocket jeans pants the Jeans swimwear line will reimburse you to the fullest. Sometimes you need alone time to reboot, reenergize and then there are times you need to be close to our friends and meet new people. To help you get noticed and appreciated we created the Jeans Swimwear line you will want to live in. Unwind and enjoy a day on the beach alone or with your friends you truly deserve it.

The Jeans line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts & Trunk Boxers.

The Modus Vivendi Jeans line features denim swimwear which sits low on the hips and has a decorative branded press studs. Made from fast drying, high quality material, this sexy swimwear has the MV logo on the silver pressed stud. The flattering cut and sew, side and back panels, offer an extra flattering cowboy look. Available in blue and lavender this street-inspired design adds that edgy element to your beach look.

It’s fast becoming swim season. I know we are all in search of that perfect pair for our summer. I think every guys needs several pairs of swimwear. I mean why have just one pair when you can have four or five.

Ca-rio-ca has released their new swimwear for 2020. They are a great company out of LA who’s line is inspired by Brazil and the classic Brazilian Swimwear for men, the Sunga. Here is a quick overview of the new collection.

We had a new swimwear brand contact us. I love bringing you guys new brands you may not have heard of before. I really like this brand called, Jimaye Swimwear. They have an interesting story and make some awesome swimwear. I asked them to send us some information about their brand and here is what they sent:

Jimaye Swimwear started because of my own struggles with swimwear. To start, I wanted swim briefs, which are not very common in the USA. Of the couple of brands in the USA that do swim briefs, they all had tacky designs, horrible fits, low-quality fabrics, or sold for $150 per brief. I didn’t understand why a little piece of fabric sewn together cost so much.

So I went on a mission to make it more affordable while maintaining quality, sophisticated designs, great fits, and then taking it one step further: Instead of giving customers one design, our reversible swim briefs give customers two designs. That means you carry less, buy less, pack less, but you have MORE. In addition, we created two fits: slim-fit and muscle-fit to cater to different body types. 

Recognizing that not everyone is ready for swim briefs, I decided to add a shorts collection. Like my briefs, I wanted my customers to be able to do more with one piece. I wanted it to be something people could wear in and out of the water so I made them stretch and styled in a way where they look sophisticated for a day on the town as well as a day on the beach.

This year our resort collection features textured swimwear! We just launched our velvet swim briefs and faux suede vers swim shorts. Velvet was a hot trend in women’s swimwear in 2017-2018 but it never made it to men’s swimwear, until now. Our velvet swim briefs collection is inspired by a crystal or gem and the healing powers they possess. Our faux suede shorts are super soft and the only shorts you will ever need. They truly are the definition of luxury. 

Lastly, we introduced leather crowns last month and did it like no one has ever done it before. It’s the perfect way to remind everyone in your life that you are royalty. 

I recorded a little audio diary about my first year of entrepreneurship that I just posted on my personal facebook. You can listen to it here if you are curious to learn more about who I am! 

Check them out at their Website.