Marcuse Summer Range



Summer is not over yet and in many places its still going on strong. Marcuse has released two great new swimwear ranges. They are the Xtreme and Summer.

Summer Navy front marcuse38439

The summer range is more of a trunk cut. Their site says “Manly and seductive without throwing it in your face. ‘Summer’ is designed with stylish contours at the side with a Marcuse badge at the front and gold signature embroidery at the back” Available in Navy and Charcoal for $49.99 AU

Xtreme Pink front marcuse38623

Xtreme Marine front Marcuse Xtreme

The Xtreme range is a swim brief, I will say my favorite is the pink stripe. Their site says”Bold, alluring flash of color not for the mild, Xtreme has a 2″ wide acrylic printed panel across the front/back to create a young, sporty yet fashionable look.” Available in White, Blue, Violet and Pink, for $49.99 AU

Find these and more on the Marcuse site.