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home page russiaMcKillop is one who’s not afraid to speak his mine. I talked to him briefly about this collection last night. It’s a way to protest the Russian treatment of Gay and Lesbians in Russia. They created a blog To Russia With Love. Which, Ryan told me, each day the pics will get more revealing.

From McKillop:

“For the month of Feb. we have decided to create a mini collection (Brief$40,Jock$20,Boxer$30 + S/H). We used a red and white printed fabric that is reminiscent to Eastern European/Russian design and we have turned this into a little bit of an awareness campaign for LGBT community in Russia.

Of course the images do not reflect that directly but we have opened up a blog just for the month to post links about the Olympics, The LGBT community/ their laws and treatment but mainly there are a months supply of  some really hot photos. Dean Monroe helped us with dawning his pretty face in our undies and it seems to be getting a lot of attention.

We are running this product and campaign for only this month”

Don’t miss this before they are gone, this is a limited series from McKillop. See pics of the line below


In the past 4 years Mckillop has undergone many changes and learned a variety of lessons and we are about to make our biggest change yet. Our philosophy though has remained unchanged. The only thing that has changed is our resources to finally offer our customer base the products we dreamt of from the start. Our mantra is “ Providing a wealth of expertise communicated through the fit and comfort of your clothing” and in the upcoming months we will be growing into this philosophy more profoundly.

Ever since the beginning we have been doing things very differently. First we hand craft each pair of underwear ourselves without mass production and computer automation and because of this we can change the fit based on our customers needs.  Secondly we believe that our industry has used the “sex sells” philosophy to the extreme that we feel that our customer base would appreciate a more appropriate viewpoint. This is actually the closest to my heart because we make amazing clothing, that’s what sells our brand not sex. Our Customers purchase on merit and not because we convinced them to buy into a fictional story. This decision has kept us very small; but the best part about being small is that we have one on one relationships with all of our clients, and bar none the best customers and the best services to offer them. This is what brings us joy each day. We are not after your money we are after your happiness and comfort. When I started the brand it was because clothing did not fit properly. Clothing these days are are made for 1 customer and the sizes are small but there is more than 1 demographic in this world and those men are who we cater too.

In the upcoming months you will see a very New Mckillop. We are focusing on our Bespoke clients which allows customization to your fit and shape. We will also be expanding into XS and XXL and custom lengths for our Long Underwear and Sleepwear. We will also be introducing a new level of luxury that is absent in the Underwear/Menswear world today.  We are very proud to have stayed so true to our beliefs over the years and we are equally proud of our clients and friends that have been on this journey with us. It hasn’t always been easy but it has been an adventure. We look forward to having you on our adventure in the future.

Find McKillop at http://www.mckillopunderwear.com


McKillop came out with a new like called Yuca. Here is what they told us about the line:

We are proud to introduce our NEW YUCA Collection  Our previous Collection RED STRIPE is a tribute to Canada and YUCA is a tribute to our new location in the YUCATAN. (See both collections at www.MckillopUW.com)

The Mayan environment has really influenced us here and we are so happy to bring you come bright colors to your Mckillop wardrobe. 

YUCA started as a part of our MUSE program. MUSE is where we test ideas and send our customers one of kind specialty item each month.

For April – June we tested the YUCA colors with our MUSE clients and they all emailed us telling us they wanted to see these to become part of the Mckillop Line so they could reorder … and as you know we always listen.

  • YUCA are one of a kind and each pair a different from the next and  is available for a limited time. 
  • Available in 8 designs
  • Made with Modal and Floral Mesh overlay (These are not sheer)
  • Sizes Small to Xlarge. 

Find this and more including the Red Stripe at the McKillop site


We hope you enjoy our New Tropical flavor to close off the season with a bang!