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UNB Holiday-2We bring you another great picture from our Holiday Guide. This is our model Martin in Mundo Unico. This was a super fun shoot. A behind the scenes tid bit, we shot the guide the second weekend in Nov and the house we shot in Birmingham was already decorated for Christmas. They had a giant tree in revery room. The house was amazing and we have to thank Jonathan for letting us use his house. Also, outside there were monkeys, Lemurs, Birds and more. It was awesome. The photography was by Ignacio Rivera Jr.




I am back with another Boxer Brief from Unico. Notice a theme here! I have one more pair to review as well. I was hoping for some briefs too but this is an all boxer brief Unico review! I posted the last review and it was a glowing review. I am still surprised that I loved it as much as I did. This pair is a shorter boxer brief and a cotton/spandex blend. I have reviewed a few of these over the years and again like the last review, hope they hold up !

The pair I am reviewing is the Simplicidad Boxer. Which is a blue and yellow striped boxer. Its made out of a Cotton/Spandex blend. So when I put them on they didn’t feel as great as the (name). Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I was keeping an open mind.  The color and the way they make the stripes form a v in the front is one of my favorite things. Unico always pays attention to these details.

I wore this pair to work and errands after work. It’s was going to be a little more intense then my previous reviews. The daily grind at the office wasn’t bad. I had no issues with the pair. It felt really good and the pouch gave me ample support. The true test was with the errands I ran. I had to go to a warehouse club, shop for shots and go to the grocery store. It may not sound too bad, not like running 5 miles or doing a 2-hour work out. A good pair of underwear will live up to daily wear with out issues. This pair held up well. While I didn’t like the cotton blend as much as the previous nylon blends, it held its shape quiet well.

The sizing is the exact same as the previous pair. Unico is a Colombian brand and they are always smaller then US sizes. This means you should always buy a pair up from your normal size. Unico will not stretch to fit you, if you get a size smaller. They are quite uncomfortable if you do. I made this mistake once and I will not make it again.

0003-13100840-65B1 0002-1310084065-S2

What I liked about the pair… I loved the stripes and the way they always create the V in the front to show off the pouch. It accents what you have and makes it look great. That is if that’s important to you. Next, is the great Unico pouch. They have never let me down on this one. They have designed and made a pouch that is designed for a guy. The waistband is another area I love. The Unico branded waistband with the U in front is a great touch. The things I didn’t like were the fabric, which is only a minor dislike. Had I not reviewed the other pair this would not be much of an issue. But I love more stretchy fabric such as nylon/spandex.


  • Fun stripes
  • Great Unico pouch and stripe construction
  • Designer waistband


  • Fabric is my only minor complaint


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing –  9
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance-  9
  • Overall  – 9

Mundo Unico Store furnished this pair for review.


Unico is one of my favorite brands of all times. So when I go into a new review I always hold Unico up to high standards. In fact, Unico was one of my first pairs I ever paid over $25 for. So my history with the brand runs a long time. Over the years I have enjoyed everything from thongs to boxer briefs. Which for me is rare to like an entire range. So, when I got the SER boxer brief I was excited and a little worried. I haven’t had much luck with longer boxer briefs, but it’s made out of a nylon/spandex material that I love.

I put them on and instantly they felt like a second skin. Meaning I put them on and they just felt amazing on me. You maybe saying, “Tim but you are not a fan of the boxer brief” and you would be correct. Most lose their shape or don’t offer me any support in the pouch. These are just the opposite. They kept their shape and gave amazing support with the famous Unico pouch. The material was super soft too. I have tried a few other pairs of Unico but not sure what made this material so much better.

The day I wore these was the typical at work. A lot of sitting and getting up you do at an office job. As the day went on I forgot I was wearing boxer briefs. The support feels more like a brief, which is a big bonus to me. The only time I noticed them was when they showed below my shorts (yes I’m lucky I get to wear shorts to work), but I don’t think anyone noticed or cared.  The fabric 93% nylon/7% spandex would  breathe and not trap moisture.

0002-13100923-46S2 0003-13100923-13B2 0001-13100923-462

The sizing on these tends to run smaller. They are based in Columbia and as most Colombian brands run a size smaller. For my 36 waist they fit me fine. However, if you are buying them I would suggest going up a size no matter what size you are. So if you are a 32, get a Large or you maybe sorry. Getting a size smaller, you will regret it and they are not forgiving.

What did I like about the pair? Well first is the fabric. It was super soft and fit me like a glove. The longer legs stayed in place and I forgot I was wearing a boxer brief. I loved the blue color as well. The one thing that annoys me most is when there aren’t colors in underwear and it’s just black or white. The last thing I liked is the amazing Unico pouch. It’s really is made to fit a guy. As for what I didn’t like? I can’t think of anything other then make in more colors.


  • Super soft nylon fabric
  • Fit me like a brief
  • Great blue color
  • Pouch give amazing support


  • Make in more colors


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing –  9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance-  10
  • Overall  – 9.8


Mundo Unico Store furnished this pair for review.