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When I first received my pair of Pikane Biologic Piping Briefs in the mail, I wasn’t so sure about what I saw. They appeared way too small for my size, used a strange combination of colors and felt a little bit weird. I hadn’t tried any other pairs by the brand, and heard good things, so I figured I’d give them a whirl. This particular style comes in three colors–I tried the purple/grey combination.

Before writing this review, I wore the pair for a fairly normal day for me. I rode the bus 45 minutes to work, sat in my office working all day long and then wore them as my pajamas for a night’s sleep. Though I didn’t really have an “active day,” I think this pair would hold up really well regardless of what you’re doing, because the material was so lightweight and comfortable.

I have a 29-inch waist and got a size small. I found the pair to be true-to-size, but definitely on the smaller/tighter end of the scale. They’re also fairly stretchy. The sizing is Columbian..

Overall, I really liked the feel of this pair against my skin, which really surprised me. They’re 100% polyester and I almost never go with that. The material was extremely breathable. My heritage leans heavy on the Italian side, so I can sweat profusely on a typical day. I didn’t experience any of that with these. They also fit surprisingly well–not too tight as I had initially thought they would be when I received them. I think the look is what could use the most improvement. Though the purple-gray combination definitely grew on me, I found both the pattern and the waistband to be a bit cheesy.


Though I initially thought that this pair wasn’t for me, after about 24 hours of wear, I was presently surprised–the fit was perfect, the material comfortable and the look fair. They also passed the boyfriend test–I showed them to him at the end of the day and he thought they were great. To sum up:


  • The fit might run a bit small for some folks, but overall Pikante’s Biologic Piping Briefs are true-to-size
  • The material makes this pair a great choice for any type of day–active, average or just lounging around


  • The waistband for me was a little to cheesy. I’d like to see them remove the pepper that makes the ‘i” little guy that makes the “t” in Pikante. I saw on their website that they offer several styles with different waistbands
  • The design / cut was a little too sexy for my personal taste

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — A
  • Sizing — A
  • Construction/Materials — A-
  • Styling — B
  • Daily Performance — A
  • Overall — B+

Clever furnished this pair for review.


When I opened my latest review pair the other day, I was excited to see this hot number (horrible pun intended) by PiKante. Their 8364 boxer is an eye-catching micro mesh of a 93% Polyester/ 7% Spandex mix that is available in a light blue color with yellow contrast stitching and logo waistband. While I am a fan of logo waistband, the PiKante logo could probably use a little editing as it contains but a chili pepper as the “i” and an underwear-clad male form as the “t” – but that’s just my two cents.

On the day I wore the boxer I found myself doing errands and going to the grocery store.  As they day wore on I found that it felt like the leg had rode up a tad and felt somewhat bunched at my thighs. Much to my surprise when I changed that evening the boxers were not actually bunched at all, I’ll admit it, I have meaty thighs and I believe in my case that the leg openings were a little too snug and that after a full day of errands, I really started to notice it. With that said, there was no chaffing or the like, it was just mildly uncomfortable; however, as comfort is paramount for me in my underwear, that did lead to my fit/daily wear ratings below.

I do however, have to compliment PiKante on the micro mesh that was chosen for the boxer. While it is partly shear, it is very discrete and does not feel like it is revealing too much or letting any part of your anatomy hangout – at least not anymore than it’s well-designed pouch is suppose to. Additionally, sometimes mesh boxers tend to have a flimsy feel to them and I am happy to report that these have a hardy build that definitely holds its own.

Overall, I really wanted to like these boxers, especially because of the color combo, but the leg fit is an issue for me. I hope that it might have just been this pair because I like the other features and would like to wear these more regularly than I will because of the fit.


  • Sturdy construction
  • “Discrete” mesh


  • Snug leg openings


  • Fit – 3
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 3
  • Overall – 4.2

This pair was furnished by PiKante.