A waistband is all a stranger can see of your underwear.  I feel a waistband can make or break you.  The Ristefsky Macheda briefs I recently reviewed have a stellar waistband; not to flashy but still enough to know the rest of the undies are hot.  The waistband has a simple black line on top and a bold raised logo across the band.  Luckily, the briefs are just as great as the waistband.

These briefs are wonderful in look and fit.  They are full briefs with a new twist on a retro style.  Purple piping and the wide waistband accent the charcoal fabric nicely.  A problem I usually have with briefs is the lack of a pouch.  I often find the boys are pushed back and squashed, but the RM briefs are supportive without constriction.  They are perfect for all day wear.  The small “functional” fly isn’t worth much and could have been left off.  It’s a little extra detail to stay true to the retro styling.

This was my first time wearing Ristefsky Macheda and, although they have a limited product line, I hope to soon add more of these to my underwear drawer.

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.6
Daily Wear: 4.9
Overall: 4.8

These and other briefs from Ristefsky Macheda can be found at http://www.ristefskymacheda.com. There briefs were provided for review


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