I think people like to be startled; you know, like when you peel back the paper of a can of biscuit dough and wince as you anticipate the “pop!”  Come on, you know you like that.  Relieved of its pressure, the dough bulged and squeezes partially out of the can. Well, that’s sort of how I felt when I wore the New Balance Sport Brief.  Not the “pop!”, but the emerging dough.

In the world of compression shorts and underwear, there are two types of gear: those that make room for your boys and those that just wanna squash ’em flat.  The NB Sport Brief was the latter.  My boy parts were compressed and bulging out of these briefs in a way that would have impressed Pillsbury. Compression shorts really ought to provide some sort of contour pouch.  It might work for sports bras to compress everything down to maintain control, but men’s parts are different and need lift and cradling.  I was adjusting these undies all day.

I wore them twice, once to work (a sedentary office job), and then to the gym a few days later, thinking that the second wearing might offer some reprieve–perhaps the front stretched out a bit from the previous wearing?  No dice.  Again, a contour pouch would improve this underwear 100%.  They look great, the waistband is firm and stays in place and doesn’t roll (even during kickboxing), and the flat piping around the leg holes was very comfortable.  The material is very lightweight and allowed my body heat to escape nicely.

What I did like

  • Waistband
  • Material

What I didn’t like:

  • No pouch


Fit: 2
Materials: 5
Construction: 2
Look: 4
Daily Wear: 1
Overall: 2.8


These were furnished by New Balance for review


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