The Popsicle G is very similar in design and feel to its thong cousin, the Raider X G.  Like its cousin, the Popsicle G has a particular problem with its thong length.  The Popsicle G does for N2N’s swimwear what the Raider X G does for N2N’s thongs: it shows off the butt and “enhances” certain features (whether or not you need the “enhancing” in the first place).  The Popsicle G features slightly more nylon than the Raider X G(87% vs 86%) in the fabric blend (87% nylon, 17% spandex), but otherwise it feels just like the Raider down to the elastic waistband.  This includes the lack of slack in the thong part of the Popsicle. My pair was dark pink with yellow stenciling, though N2N does give you a choice of yummy colors including: raspberry, glacial blue, lime, orange, and lemon ice.

I had an opportunity to give the Popsicle G a thorough trial in a private, deserted pool, Which was a good thing since the Popsicle became so uncomfortable while swimming around that I opted to just take it off completely and swim naked.  Most of the irritation was from the lack of slack in the thong strap, which loops under the butt to join at the “enhancing” pouch in front.  If there was a little more give in the pouch, the Popsicle G would be really comfortable to wear while swimming, and I am certain that it would grab plenty of attention!


  • Sizing
  • Style
  • “Enhancing” pouch
  • Fabric blend


  • Lack of slack in thong strap
Fit 2
Materials 5
Construction 3
Look 4
Daily Wear 2

*OUT of 5*


These were furnished for review by N2N Bodywear!

Written by Brad


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