Today, I am going to review the CandyMan 9511 Thong. This thong has a triangular cut out at the top of the front pouch as well as the rear strap. Much to my surprise, I receive a pair with a black waistband and nautical white/navy striped pouch! Loving everything nautical, I couldn’t wait to toss on these babies!

The construction appeared to be well done, although my OCD got the best of me seeing as the stripes don’t line up on the 93%Polyester, 7% Elastane pouch. Upon first test drive, I realized that one must dress in the ‘down position’ as the pouch wasn’t quite large enough and dressing ‘up’ would result in a potential ‘escape’ of the anaconda … If you know what I mean. That noted, The pouch cut out, when positioned correctly allowed for one to pull their ‘snake’ out, allowing it to freely hang while the boys remain nicely supported inside the pouch.

I wore this thong to work and out for drinks afterward. The pouch, being a little too small, required proper adjustment a few times during the day. The fabric, while descent, wasn’t the softest thing, which caused a little discomfort towards the end of the day.


  • Good construction
  • Great pattern
  • Suggestive design.


  • Pouch was on the smaller side
  • Cut out required one ‘dress’ down
  • Fabric wasn’t the softest

The ratings

Fit 3
Materials 3
Construction 4
Look 4
Daily Wear 3.5

*OUT of 5*

This pair was furnished for review by Written by Sean


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