If you cannot tell that Modus Vivendi underwear from Greece has become a personal favorite of mine from our Facebook page, you must view our page.  I am simply enthralled with the look, the styles, the website, and the fun that Modus Vivendi seems to project onto their clients.

The Modus Vivendi Jean Boxer style is a great pair of boxer briefs in a dark blue fabric that resembles denim.  The boxer has leather look detailing along the front pouch area that is separated and held in place by a black cord with silver pieces on the end.  There is also a leather look Modus Vivendi label on the back where the patch on regular blue jeans is located.  This pair of underwear is listed as fetish wear on the Modus Vivendi website and is modeled after country style clothing.

The fabric consists of 95% Vicose (synonym for Rayon) and 5% Elastan and makes for a soft feel with perfect stretch and conforming abilities to provide fantastic support in all areas.  The way the pouch area is sewn creates a very nice and full look while wearing these boxer briefs.  Size X-Large was a nice fit based on European to American sizing, but not true to size as I am a true Large in undies (Size up, guys!).  There really isn’t a waistband on these boxer briefs.  The area around the waistband is a bit rigid and bunched up for my taste which led to a bit of uncomfortable feelings as I wore these.  The way this boxer brief is sewn creates the exact look of blue jeans from the rear and from the front.  The front appears to have pockets due to the way the stitching is sewn.  The paneled construction creates a nice fit that contours to the body and provides a sleek look.

Upon first inspection, the boxer is more of a squarecut boxer rather than what one thinks of when you use the word boxer, the quality was good, the dark denim blue with black leather look trim is a excellent combination, the rear consists of a couple of separate panels to provide support and definition of the rear, and the pouch size was perfect in sizing and support.  After putting this pair on, I found the pouch to create a very full look in the underwear and I loved the way the leather look pieces could be tightened and loosened to accommodate the package, or reveal it.  To be honest, the way the underwear fit and created a silhouette reminded me of how some guys really fill up their jeans in the front and the back.  I like the way the underwear is conforming and how it feels against my body as it moves with my movements.  The way the rear is paneled together in pieces allows for definition and provided a nice look.

I wore this Modus Vivendi Jean Boxer from beginning of the day until around 11:30 that night.  I began the day with my travelling to a local tourist town on Saturday morning for a weekend stay.  I shopped, ate, walked the town, went out that night, and wore these undies the entire day.  The boxer brief remained fairly comfortable the entire day.  I say that because Modus Vivendi lists this as fetish wear and I probably should not have worn it the entire day and expect it to be comfortable the whole time.  I found the waist to be a bit uncomfortable and rigid after awhile.  However, I should have worn it tied loosely and slightly open like shown on the website in the photograph Modus Vivendi has up for your viewing.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear.  I liked the look of the rear, the way the dark denim looked, the leather look enhancements, the feel of the fabric, the overall look of the boxer brief, the conforming nature of the pouch, and the contrasting black lace-up cord.  The price is a bit high, but fairly reasonable for this type of specialty underwear due to styling.  I think I will hand wash these since they have the special detailing and cord on them.  In general, I have no major complaints about this boxer and I enjoyed wearing them.  Now, I will have to report back with the fetish side of things….


  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Construction
  • Look/Styling


  • Price (however, they are specialty undies)
  • May have to hand wash them
  • Not for daily wear









Daily Wear




This pair of underwear was furnished by Modus Vivendi, and may be found on their website for $43.19.


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